Applied Laser & Thermal Process for Manufacturing

레이저응용가공 연구실

Our Mission

ALTP LAB exploits laser aided manufacturing and thermal processing for the applications found in a wide range of the industry; automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding and semiconductor & display. We try to provide a right solution to the industry through the scientific understanding of the manufacturing process. The scope of the research includes the development and optimization for process & process diagnostics and mathematical modeling of the process

  • ALTP LAB is now recruiting new group members. Any undergraduate students who are interested in research work and want to apply to research assistant position contact Prof. Shin (

  • New patent is granted : 신중한, " 레이저 솔더링 장치 (LASER SOLDERING DEVICE)", 출원번호 : 10-2018-0041389, 출원인 : 공주대학교 산학 협력단

  • New paper published : Joonghan Shin, Kimoon Nam, "Groove Formation in Glass Substrate by a UV Nanosecond Laser", Appl. Sci., Vol. 10, 2020, Pages 987-997.

  • Congratulation !. Prof. Shin's paper is selected as the JLA Best Paper Award 2019 Finalists at ICALEO 2019. "Joonghan Shin and Jyoti Mazumder, Plasma diagnostics using optical emission spectroscopy in laser drilling process, Journal of Laser Applications, Vol. 28, Issue 2, May. 2016, Pages 0220081-0220088".