Some Alternatives to Traditional Flossing

It is pretty much important to clean the plaque stuck into your teeth before it turns into tartar. This is the reason that dentists often suggest the use of dental floss. But many people do not like to floss due to any reason. Although dental floss is the ideal way to do interdental cleaning, it’s not the only way. And hence if you are not keen on flossing, you can do this cleaning through other methods. What are those methods? Let’s have some discussion in this regard.

Disposable floss pick

Although this Floss Pick works according to flossing concept, the way you do it is pretty different, in fact easier. This interdental cleaning method is pretty much effective when you are travelling and you do not find a way to floss in the recommended way. This flossing method involves a Y-shaped plastic handle in which the thread is tied to two prongs. You just have to insert that threat in the area between two teeth and move it to clean the area. After cleaning, you can throw the floss pick away.

Interdental brushes

Interdental brush is an extremely beneficial alternate of traditional floss. This brush usually consists of a handle with bristled head on the top. The head is thin so that it can be inserted in the area between teeth. You don’t need to throw the brush away after single time. You can use it multiple times. When the bristles get worn out, you can remove the head and attach the new one on the handle.

Water floss

Water flossing is another great method of cleaning the teeth’s hidden areas. This tool cleans the hidden areas of teeth with the help of thin water stream which is essentially rapid enough to uproot plaque and other bacteria. The great benefit of water flossing is that you don’t have to insert any object between the teeth. Water cleans and washes the plaque pretty effectively.

Sonic airfloss

Sonic Airfloss is another method to clean the teeth. This flossing tool is exactly like water flosser but it also uses air within water stream to clean the area. When the water is shot at the teeth, the air is also blow within the stream. It intensifies the striking of water with the teeth, making it easy to remove plaque.

Dental pick

Dental pick is another method of cleaning. In fact, this method is as popular as flossing. Dental picks are typically the tiny wooden sticks with needle like tips. The method of cleaning involves insertion of tips in the gap between two teeth. This insertion pushes the food remnants and unconsolidated plaque towards other side.

Your Priorities and Your Health

I often wonder how certain cultures and countries develop ideas about traditions, health, food, and which foods and meats are okay to eat and which are off limits. It’s probably something an anthropologist could sit down and explain in a relatively understandable way, but still, I find myself curious as ever to figure it all out.

One thing that gets me thinking is the focus on health. Some places prioritize it over every other aspect. Others, unfortunately, don’t have the opportunity to prioritize it because of extreme poverty causing them to live in ways that compromise their health.

It’s all a huge pot of different ideas, cultures, and viewpoints on health.

One thing in particular that I get to thinking about is my own dental health and how I’ve not exactly put it first when it comes to being cleanly. While I have above average hygiene and definitely care about my breath and how my teeth look, I feel I’ve neglected my overall oral health in the past decade or so since I was never taken to the dentist by my parents after the age of 12 or 13.

While I definitely don’t want to sit here and blame my parents for something like this (because they definitely aren’t at fault), I can’t help but wonder what my current dental health would look like had I instilled the basics at a young age and stuck to them.

The good thing is that technology has advanced our medicine over the centuries, so I’m able to have things restored that I may have let get out of hand. The bad thing, it seems, is that those restorations and procedures usually come at a hefty price, and I’m not currently in the right financial situation to dump whatever money is needed to fix up my teeth for the better.

I know that I need braces for my bottom row of teeth, and I know I likely have a minor case of gingivitis. Luckily, the latter can be fixed with proper dental hygiene and a water pick, something I’ve yet to buy because I’m having a hard time tracking one down.

Overall, our different priorities outweigh other things in life that we probably should tend to sooner than later. My dental health is one of those things that’s been put on the backburner for whatever reason, but the good thing is that it’s never too late to start prioritizing something. Because of that, I’ve found a newfound fervor for getting my teeth back on track.