Alternatives to Dental Flossing

Now, when it comes to flossing, you might wonder what the best type of floss you need. Often, the dentist in Chandler Arizona will tell you that the best is one to use, whether you like the Teflon ones, the dental tape, nylon or waxed flossed, or flosses that are flavored or unflavored, you’ll notice that you have a lot of choices, but also people hate to have to wrap a string around a small space and move their hands around. now, there are a few that are good for this, especially if you hate to deal with that. Which one is best for you? well, you’re about to find out.

The first, is a dental pick. If you ignore flossing and are prone to this, you should get a dental pick. You’ve probably seen these before and cast them aside, but essentially they’re a type of floss wrapped around a thing that is shaped like a U. It looks like a toothpick, but for flossing. They’re super simple and compact, and they’re very convenient. These are especially good for children that are learning to floss. You might find at least one person in the office asking for one of these, and it definitely is a great tool to have. It’s arguably one of the best to use for flossing of various means.

Now, an electric flosser is another option that you can have. Depending on the brand of this, there are a variety of names for each of these. They might seem a bit maddening when you look at them online, with all the fancy lingo that they use. However, there are a few types of flossers that you can get, and picking the one that is best for you depends on the task you’ll be using this for. For example, power flossers and air flossers might seem best if you’re dealing with space issues that are near the gum line. You might also want to consider an interproximal toothbrush as well. A vibrating flosser does look like a dental pick in essence, and it covers the length of your teeth. If you’re really stumped on what to get, do consult your dentist to get the best option in this, and one that works for you.

Then finally there is the oral irrigator. This is a device that sends out a constant pulsating stream of water in order to remove the plaque and the debris that is in between the teeth. There are many instruments like this on the market, and your dentist can tell you the best one to get based on the health of your gums and the budget that you have. They’re good at keeping the tissue healthy, and have been shown to reduce the pocket depth that you might have. You might start to realize that you do get that measured a lot, and if you have suffered from gum health issues in the past, especially when they call out larger numbers, you might want to consider this for yourself. It is optional though.

Now, it is worth noticing that each of these devices should be considered as supplements to flossing. Flossing is always the best choice, and at the end of the day, it’s the one that you should be doing. But, if you’re not very dexterous, or have really tight spaces to get in between the teeth, you should definitely consider one of these, especially if you’re purchasing for someone who is younger, since they will ensure that your teeth are the cleanest that they can possibly be, and not only that, they are the best options arguably as well.

Now, if you do need some further help in choosing the right flossing means, and you’re utterly stumped, talk to your dentist in Chandler Arizona. They’ll be able to help you get a good idea of what you need to get, and you’ll definitely be able to have the best oral health possible. By taking your time and really doing what you feel is right, you’ll be able to have the perfect oral health regimen that you can have, and one that makes you happy for yourself as well too.