Alternate Valentine's Day Wrapping

Do you adore all things Valentine’s Day and puzzle at how to make your Valentine’s Day even more special? Well, try these DIY wrapping methods to add flair to your Valentine’s Day package that is sure to make your significant other swoon!

Newspaper and Flowers

This twist on original gift wrap uses newspaper for wrapping and gives a cute, creative look for your gift. After you wrap the gift, try adorning it with a magazine page flower.

Gift with a Fabric Flower

This simple style involves a paper sack and a bit of fabric. Place your gift inside the bag, fascine closed, and adorn the bag with a beautiful fabric flower.

Felt flowers

Another variation on the same idea, try a brown box with the romantic addition of three felt flowers and secure the box closed with a green strip of felt, artfully tying the design together.

Valentine Tag & Box

Have a small and meaningful gift? Try a square box topped with a flower and a big tag.

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers make a reader’s heart skip a beat! Add one to a base of brown packing paper and tie with a simple bow, and you’ll have a perfect Valentine’s Day present for your loved one.

Word Search Wrapping Paper

This playful, classic look will be a hit. Wrap using Word Search wrapping paper, circle a cute phrase, and add a red bow.

Bitty Bags with Clothespins & Heart Tags

This design takes you back to elementary school with a red and white bitty bag tied with a string and clothespin, but don’t forget to add a flair of romance with a heart tag!

Fabric Gift

This design is deliriously simple and adorable. Wrap your present in fabric and tie it with string – suddenly, you have the perfect no-fuss Valentine’s Day gift!

To dress up any gift, use fabric in the place of wrapping paper, and tie with ribbon.

Pixel Weave

The Pixel Weave adds a cute pattern to any gift-wrapped package. Just “weave” your ribbon together to create a playful illusion to your package.

Kraft Heart Brocade Paper

Care to add a vintage feel to your Valentine’s Day? Wrap your gift with Kraft Heart Brocade paper!

Washi Tape

This clever idea is perfect for college students who are just trying to get by or nostalgic young adults. Decorate your packages with strips of Washi Tape or attach your tag with a strip.

Vintage Fabric Ribbons

For a vintage feel, try some pretty fabric ribbons and lace to class up any Valentine’s Day gift.

Chalkboard Paper

Why isn’t this fun idea a classic? Simply wrap your gift in chalkboard paper and chalk away, adding red and white ribbon at your own discretion.


Wrap your gift any way and add a vintage key to the ribbon for a romantic change.

Candy Jar

Fun and simple, just take a mason jar, add a couple heart, and fill with candy!

Burlap Gift Bag

Not so into DIY but still want to make an impact? Try this sweet Valentine’s Day surprise! Stick your gift into a burlap gift bag for a fresh look on the gift bag.

Don’t settle for a plain box this Valentine’s Day and wrapping paper. Try a romantic design with flowers, hearts, or ribbons. It’s easy, fun, and it just makes a difference.