Active Learning Pop Up Classroom on Making Inferences in Multiple Modalities (Author's Purpose & Craft)

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Lorena Arriaga and Sharo Dickerson

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Team Roles, Team Contract, & Team Plan

2_Team Roles, Team Contract, Team Plan

Real-World/Authentic Challenge

2_Real-World Challenge

DIY: What are the Stages and Protocols of Active Learning Framework?

1_What is Design?

What is Design?

1_What is Explore?

What is Explore?

1_What is Refine?

What is Refine?

1_What is Demonstrate?

What is Demonstrate?

Team Folders


DIY #1: TEKS-Focus

TEKS Focus & Breakdown

TEKS Focus & Breakdown

5th Grade English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR)

DIY #2: Content-Language-Culture Learning Targets

Content-Language-Culture Learning Targets

4+1 Language Domain

Simplified Language Learning Targets

Detailed Language Learning Targets

Content-Language-Culture Learning Targets

Bloom's Taxonomy

Create - Evaluate - Analyze - Apply - Understand - Remember

Depth of Knowledge (DOK)

DOK 1 - DOK 2 - DOK 3 - DOK 4

DOK Wheel Slide for Teachers-0.pdf

DIY #3: TEKS Prior Connections

2_Prior Content Connections

TEKS Prior Connections

Vertical alignment__K-12_English_06-2019_0.pdf

K-12 Making Inferences in Multiple Modalities

DIY #4: Microsoft Innovative Educator

DIY #5: Other Creative Resources

How to Use FlipGrid in the Classroom?

Sketcho Frenzy: The Basics of Visual Note-taking

Tell A Story With Adobe Spark

Learn Padlet!

Learn Canva - Create FREE Beautiful Graphic Designs

Technology to Support English Learners


TEKS-based Rubric

3_TEKS-Based Rubric, Differentiated Resources, and Progress Checks

Unit Calendar

3_2019 Calendar

Unit Challenge

4_What is Your Challenge Based On Your TEKS?

What is your TEKS-based Challenge?

Create a challenge in relation to the Science TEKS and based on an authentic/real-world audience

4_What is Your Driving Question?

What is your Driving Question?

Write an open-ended, standards-based driving question that poses the challenge from your unit's real/authentic audience

4_What is Your Hook?

What is Your Hook?

Identify or create a hook that will entice your audience to be curious and motivated about the unit's Challenge.


Warm & Cool Feedback

DIY Austin's Butterfly

5_Warm Feedback

Warm Feedback

5_Cool Crit

Cool Crit

5_Examples of Presentation Rubrics

Presentation Rubrics


Various tools to use when seeking forms of demonstrate.