Touch Teams

Caring for Each Other

In years past, The Alpha Class developed the idea of “Touch Teams” to arrange the class into small groups for communication (this was before email) and caring for each other.

  • Touch Teams are randomly arranged each year and headed by a Touch Team Captain. The Touch Team Captain is the liaison who makes sure that each member of his Touch Team gets support in case of an illness, emergency, etc. The captain also makes the class aware of any needs or concerns of the Touch Team member.
  • Touch Teams offer opportunities to socialize and get to know each other better and to welcome our new members within a small group setting.
  • Touch Teams are utilized for Alpha Class Outreach Projects. At Christmas time, the Alpha Class “adopts” several needy families. Each Touch Team works together shopping and wrapping gifts for one family, granting them a memorable Christmas. Mission projects during the year give the Touch Team opportunity to work together to serve others.

Team 1

James and Debbie Gann, 756-0851

  • Rocky Blair, 212-7117
  • David and Jackie Flaum, 652-2713
  • Dewaine and Cheryl Rice, 757-8366
  • Ed and Marie Roberson, 685-2477
  • Mike and Cheryl Rutherford, 751-7238
  • Ray and Kris Thompson, 316-5598

Team 2

Bart & Melinda Watt, 754-9759

  • Tom and Roz Ashworth, 351-3684
  • Dave and Luann Forell, 754-1540
  • Linda Seager, 758-2179
  • Tom and Jane Ricketts, 758-1750
  • Bob and Dena Stoudt, 747-3143
  • Allen and Emily Underwood, 756-6914

Team 3

Bill Nation, 482-9542

  • Tom and Faye Bartlett, 755-2199
  • Randall and Elayne Carrier, 251-9285
  • Ann Graham, 756-5199
  • Bob and Sandra Hayne, 484-6275
  • Bob and Ethel Mathews, 754-7094
  • Michael and Alice Morgan, 756-1407

Team 4

Frank Peyton and Carolyn Phipps, 481-4808

  • Jan Bobbitt, 388-8031
  • Frank and Mildred Dyer ,758-2884
  • Bob and Mary Lou Entzminger, 501-733-5549
  • Jerry and Shirley Gee, 756-6550
  • John and Karen Moore, 754-9403
  • Guy and Linda Photopulos, 748-1155
  • Al and Jo Ann Walton, 756-0089