Alberto Pérez García-Plaza

About me


PhD in Computer Science. Researcher for 7 years at two Universities, URJC (Spain) and UNED (Spain), the first year and a half collaborating in projects involving external companies and the rest also working as teaching assistant and PhD candidate. I also spent three months at Aalto University (Finland) as visiting researcher.

Afterwards, I've worked for private companies researching, developing applications and managing projects.

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My research is focused on natural language processing, in particular on text mining. My main interests are web page representation by means of fuzzy logic oriented to clustering tasks and social media. In the latter case, I have worked on tag cloud reorganization and company name filtering on Twitter.

I also worked in data extraction from unstructured web pages, not only the implementation of the extraction process, but also building applications that provide everything a non-expert user needs to extract data from any web page in an easy and implementation independent way. With this goal, I collaborated in the development of a graphical tool called Vispper.

Furthermore I did some research on finding any semantic and\or lexical relation between pages linked by hyperlinks, topic studied in my end of degree project (read my end of degree project in Spanish).


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)

  • Master in Telematic and Computer Systems

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC)

  • M.S. degree in Computer Engineering

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC)

  • B.S. degree in Computer Engineering

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC)