Ally Tate is committed to making the world a better place through water conservation efforts and clean water awareness.

From friends, family, and other peers, Ally Tate has always been described as smart, caring, observant, committed, and hard working. From school to her career and volunteer efforts, Ally Tate has always gone above and beyond to reach higher and higher goals.

Ally Tate is passionate about leaving a positive impact on the world. She loves getting out and involved in the community and helping others in any way she can. In recent years, Ally Tate has focused her efforts on one cause in particular: the global water crisis. As many people know, people in developing countries and all around the world are currently suffering from a severe lack of resources including clean water and sanitation. Thousands of people are dying everyday including young children who have no way of accessing the resources they need. Disease and death fill their every day environments even in their schools and homes.

Upon learning these heartbreaking facts, Ally Tate begun working hard to raise awareness about these tragic events. While spreading the word in her own community she is also actively supporting a variety of non profit organizations and charities dedicated to the same cause. Some of the best organizations she has had the opportunity to work with and support include:

As a fundraiser and supporter of these charities and organizations, Ally Tate is passionate about sharing the stories of those impacted by lack of clean water such as Jayamma and Atseda's stories mentioned in the videos above. These stories often explain that even a simple change such as having a toilet in the home or fresh water close enough to home can make a huge difference in the health and happiness of an individual. Jayamma explains that now that her family has a toilet at home they are able to save money with fewer trips to the doctor while leading overall healthier lives. Atseda is hopeful for a bright future with a good education as long as she has fresh water to drink to get her to and from school.

Ally Tate Water Conservation

Along with her efforts to providing access to clean water in developing countries, Ally Tate is also working to help conserve the water we have at home in the United States. Because water seems so unlimited for many families and individuals living in the U.S. they do not put much thought in to how much they are using and wasting every day. What Ally Tate strives to help these individuals realize is that billions of gallons of water are wasted by Americans every year, largely due to a lack of knowledge and awareness. With her water conservation efforts, Ally Tate hopes to get more and more Americans to practice smarter water using habits that will save hundreds, then thousands, and even millions of gallons in the near future.