ALL STAR VOICES and it's extensions such as are no longer active platforms (please see below for refund information); It was fun while it lasted however our family shipping business has grown exponentially, so this leaves me no extra time to give the attention to this, which it and the members deserve.

While it was a real pleasure to work with the vast majority of you, there are also too many others in this industry who are nothing more than self-anointed "gatekeepers" who truly know nothing about the business yet try their best to come across as experts and have definitely tarnished the industry.

I also see the constant complaints about the "big box" pay-to-play sites and so-called voice "agents" yet for whatever reason, so many of you keep them in business!

This (including the domain name) COULD be a real gold mine if run by someone who has the time and commitment, so feel free to contact me if you are interested, as I am not asking much.

This would include any and all "branding" as well as the FB and Linked In groups & connections which total almost 10,000.

I have attempted to make contact with anyone who paid for this service and were guaranteed a refund of any kind if they were eligible for one- Who in this business has EVER promised refunds and actually followed through with that promise? Exactly... Not many, if even any at all!

IF you are or were a member who is eligible for a refund (I do have records so I will check) please send me an email to my personal inbox: RLDRUSE@YAHOO.COM, OR you can even call/text me: 818 836 0433


ONE FINAL NOTE: This has NOTHING to do with a cease and desist letter I received several years ago, which I ignored, from some scam company in San Francisco that sprang up out of nowhere and has the word "stars" in their name and claims to be some kind of talent agency- One of the conditions I request of anyone who may ever take over this platform is that it remains the exact same business model that it has been from the start...