First and foremost, membership within the AJMAF is purely to preserve and teach the traditional martial arts of Japan, welcoming all like-minded people who seek to foster the spirit, fellowship and understanding of true Budo; “The Essence of any Martial Art”.

AJMAF membership is on an individual basis, so an applicant gains membership in their own right, this being different to bringing a club or association into membership.

Decisions on membership are determined by Japan. We will advise on the likely acceptance of such a request and submit the paperwork on your behalf.

We seek to broaden the understanding, practice and proficiency in the traditional arts of Japan. The UK group is already active with courses, held every three to four months, at which different martial arts are taught and enjoyed by students and instructors from a variety of background.

The United Kingdom group has, since 2011 sent delegations to Kyoto at least every 2 years, to practice with the Masters in Japan and meet people from all over the world who support Japanese martial arts. The UK group operates as a not for profit organisation and any monies received are reinvested to support the development of Japanese martial arts in the United Kingdom.

Quotes from current members:

“Membership of the AJMAF has allowed me to travel to Japan and practice with some great practitioners of Japanese martial arts. I am very lucky and privileged to have had this experience.”

“Not only did it allow me to visit Japan. I was also involved in demonstrating my Art in the legendary Butokuden in the heart of Kyoto. Thanks to the AJMAF for an experience I will never forget.”

“I experienced a weekend of various marital arts at the Budo centre in Kyoto, I also got the opportunity to train in a Japanese dojo. I experienced many of the traditional cultures whilst in Kyoto; tea ceremony, food, language and of course shopping” I will certainly be returning again.

If you are interested in joining the AJMAF then please complete the expression of interest form which can be found by clicking the following button where you will also find details of the wider process and indicative fees.

Chairman for UK - Brian Hinchliffe 8th Dan Kyoshi

Secretary for UK - Chris Finney 6th Dan Renshi

Treasurer for UK - Michael Sheridan 8th Dan Hanshi

Head of Aikido - Simon Ells - 6th Dan Renshi

Head of Aiki Jitsu - Brian Rogers 8th Dan Hanshi

Head of Goshin Jitsu - Jason Fitzpatrick 7th Dan Kyoshi

Head of Ju Jitsu - Lloyd Allum 9th Dan Hanshi

Head of Karate - Brian Hinchliffe 8th Dan Hanshi

Head of Toyama Ryu Iaido - Stephen Webb 3rd Dan

Head of Ryoishintokai - Peter King 9th Dan

Technical Adviser in Aikido - Terry Bayliss 8th Dan Hanshi