We customize our physical therapy to the unique needs of each individual based on their stage of healing at the time of the evaluation. We honor the referring physician’s recommendations and maintain a professional communication with our referral sources.

Pain Management


-Cervical Spondylosis

-Degenerative Disc Disease


-Lumbar Stenosis

-Myofascial Pain Syndrome


-Thoracic Outlet Syndrome





-Trigger Points

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Personal Exercise programs designed for:

-Rotator Cuff and ACL repair

-Lumbar and Cervical Discectomy, Laminectomy and Fusion

-Open Reduction Internal Fixation: Total Hip, Knee and Shoulder Arthroplasty

Ergonomic Consultation


-Overuse Injuries

-Work-related Injuries


Strength Training and Functional Restoration

-MVA Injury

-Athletic Injury




What's hurting you? Simply mouse over the part which is causing you discomfort, click and find out how we will care for you.











Private Treatment Rooms



-Electrical Stimulation


-Dry Needling

-High/Low Treatment Tables

-Mechanical Traction

Spacious Gym

-Total Gym




-High Exercise Mat