Success Stories


My husband has been in chronic pain for 5+ years whcih started before his back surgery & has not ended until now. After repeated visits to several MD’s the pain was non responsive to pills and shots, and he just “dealt with it”. Until we arrived at Dr. Cody, who referred him to Lynne Repasky’s All Health Physical Therapy. My husband had a bad experience with PT before, but we had to try. Dr. Cody insisted we use this PT clinic. We noticed the difference from the first day. I’m slowly getting my husband back. Pain has caused a strain to the relationship. The entire staff has been like our 2nd family. Jessica was inspirational. I will be forever grateful to Ms. Repasky, and to Jessica’s outstanding treatment and care for my husband.


Contrasting my condition when I first began therapy at “All Health” with the way I feel today is , as they say “like night and day.” My health had been on a long down hill slope for the past several years, culminating in the fall and the broken arm that brought me here. Lynne is a master therapist. Rosie does her work tirelessly and is always patient and positive. The entire staff creates a friendly, caring environment and progression of treatment that promotes healing at a steady pace. I would recommend “All Health,” i.e. Lynne Repasky, to the world as personifying true physical therapy.


I came to All Health after being told I had one leg a whole half inch longer than the other. To go along with this newly discovered condition I was experiencing frequent back pain. Thanks to Lynne and Rosie my back and hips have straightened themselves out and my legs are back to their normal, equal length. This place works miracles. Thanks so much.


Magnificent. This was my first experience with PT. I didn’t know what to expect & I certainly didn’t expect miracles, but that is what I got! I am pain free & the process was pain free & best of all drug & surgery-free! Lynne explains everything as she goes along so that it is an educational process & so that you understand the why & the mechanics. It could not have been better!


My experience with All Health has been nothing short of FANTASTIC. Lynne Repasky has treated me with empathy for my condition and respect for my thoughts and feelings regarding treatment. My overall heath has improved remarkably, and my recovery from surgery would not be possible without the strategies provided me by Lynne and her staff. I am well on the way to regaining my life back, and much of the thanks for that is due to All Health Physical Therapy. Thank you so very much & God Bless.


I’m happy with myself, now! I couldn’t walk without sliding my feet. Now I can bend my knees and walk without a cane. I lost the ability to walk normally after a knee surgery in 2000. All Health P.T. gave me a new knee. Thank-you so much Rosie & Dr. Lynne for your patience and faith. You pushed me beyond my limits to a most excellent outcome. I CAN WALK, again. I can walk. THANK-YOU GOD for leading me to All Health P.T.


I had hurt my knee training for a marathon. I hobbled along in pain for months before seeking treatment, hoping my body would heal itself. I was referred to All Health by Dr. Garten, after diagnosing my injury as Runner’s Knee – a condition exacerbated by weakening muscles. Within the first 2 visits, I could walk all day without pain – within 5 visits, I was back to running – something I was afraid I’d never get to do again! Now, I have my sights on another marathon.