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You already have a bookkeeper keeping your financial records up to date.

You already have a tax accountant preparing your annual tax returns and financial statements.

These are both critical services. But, there is so much more!

Who is keeping an eye on your cash flow, budget management, expense trends, profitability, financial risk and ultimately the overall success of your business?

These critical tasks often take a back seat for business owners who find themselves wearing multiple hats struggling to keep up with daily operations.

As your strategic partner and advisor, a Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) supports your business with financial analytics and insights which help identify opportunities and strategy.

This kind of financial expertise is no longer limited to big corporations.

Allen CFO Services can be your Virtual CFO, providing your business with the financial insights and expertise it needs, with the flexibility and individual tailoring to suit you. Let's schedule a free consultation and started!


  • Manage bookkeeper/controller to define reporting cadence, produce timely and complete reports

  • Review the financial results, providing analysis and narrative on progress toward your stated goals

  • Sounding board, coach, or guide. Look for a seasoned veteran who you can trust, not just a body to fill a role.

  • Help you manage spending, use cash efficiently, and explore opportunities to streamline and grow

  • Identify key performance metrics

  • Monitoring performance metrics

  • Analyze and report financial results on a regular basis

  • Monitoring trends and variance to budget

  • Manage annual budgeting process

  • Cash management

  • Strategic planning

Not typically Virtual CFO services:

  • Legal

  • Managing HR/Admin (such as benefits)

  • Daily, in-person participation with executive management team

  • Investor relations

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What is a Virtual CFO? Virtual CFO (or vCFO for short) stands for virtual chief financial officer. A virtual CFO is an outsourced service provider offering high skill assistance in financial requirements of an organization, just like a chief financial officer does for large organizations.[1] A virtual CFO may be a single person or an entity. See this Wikipedia link for more information:

This article does an excellent job of explaining how the economy differs from the stock market. In today's media, we hear plenty of focus on the stock market as a proxy for the economy. While our 401(k)s are enjoying the market performance, it is important to remember it is related to the economy, but it is not the economy. Differences summarized: 1. The stock market is focused on the future, the economy is focused on today. 2. The Fed has been injecting capital in unprecedented ways. 3. The stocks that are doing well today are largely unaffected by the virus (think Google, Apple, etc). This article is worth perusing. Enjoy!

While this is not a financial topic, it is an important topic. If you haven't watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix, be sure to do so. This is not a partisan post as this impacts every one of us.

Turns out the real fake news is on social media which is using algorithms and AI to feed us things they think we will like and agree with. On FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc we all are being socially isolated with only like minded thinkers. This is exceedingly dangerous. And, it manipulates each and every one of us. It perpetuates the historically disturbing divisiveness we are seeing.

What can you do? 1. Be strong enough to deliberately start looking at media sites and posts you don't agree with. 2. Think critically. 3. Beware of edited video. There is all kinds of it out there. 4. Don't accept that something is true and blindly share it. Search in multiple places to make sure something truly has a basis in fact. 5. Remember that foreign and domestic sources are propagating edited video and misleading memes (targeting the right and the left) to influence the election.

In short, become a responsible consumer of all media. This includes news networks and internet news sources. But most importantly, be aware and vigilant to guard against the manipulation social media is currently perpetuating.

In the age of Covid-19, all businesses have been impacted in some way making extra attention to achievable revenue goals for 2021 more important than ever. This video is a great introduction to budget concepts. Of particular note is the emphasis on making sure that rapid and recent changes to market share are incorporated into your plan. Allen CFO Services can help with budget creation, avoiding budgeting pitfalls. We can also help with ongoing budget monitoring.