Allen Frantzen

Allen Frantzen lives a quiet and happy life with interests in writing, traveling, and home gardening.


Since childhood, Allen Frantzen has always been interested in writing and sharing stories. Growing up on the farm with his family, he often found himself spending hours outside with a notebook and pen simply writing down thoughts and ideas he had. These thoughts and ideas would eventually transform into beautiful poems and short stories that he would share with family and friends. Once he stared getting into school, Allen Frantzen began to shift his focus on writing to topics he was studying such as World War I, Literature, and the Middle Ages. Many of his publications take a look at old ideas from history in new, informative ways. Through his books, Allen Frantzen hopes to inform readers and help them gain new ideas, thoughts, and perspectives about the world around them.

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Gardening is another way Allen Frantzen enjoys reflecting on life and his thoughts as well as the world around him. Like his writing, gardening is a type of art for Allen Frantzen. it is a way he can express himself and play around with different themes and concepts. While working in his garden, Allen Frantzen finds time to relax and step away from life's daily and constant stresses. The sounds and beauties of nature allow him to distance himself from the noisy, fast paced atmosphere of the city and professional life. Even when he is not working in his garden and planting new flowers, Allen Frantzen enjoys simply sitting down on a bench or in the soft grass to read a book or write something new of his own.

Another way Allen Frantzen finds peace and reflection time is through travel. Traveling with friends and family throughout his lifetime, Allen Frantzen has visited some of the most beautiful and historical cities around the world. While traveling, Allen Frantzen enjoys capturing some of the most memorable scenes, moments, and experiences, taking photos all along the way. It is great to be able to look back on these exciting and life changing experiences years down the road. Along with photography, Allen Frantzen also uses writing as a way to remember and cherish his travel experiences. As he did when he was a kid, Allen Frantzen still carries around a small notepad and pen to write down his thoughts and ideas as he travels throughout the world and throughout life.

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