"Making frames is a time consuming skill that reduces the time you have to make sales"

How much will it cost to take the hassle out of framing?

We take pride in setting you up with the slickest operation possible and we create a bespoke solution for each customer. The ensures you can easily adapt to our system. Look at the packages below but bear in mind the following questions.

  1. Do you want to do some of the work yourself
  2. What samples and displays will you need to give a professional appearance.
  3. What Training do you need to fill any skills gap?
  4. How much money do you want to increase sales by?

"Frequent users get FrameIT FREE!"

Yes thats right if you are a gallery or picture framer who regularly has more than £500 (Ex VAT) per week in purchases from us the system is totally FREE!!!

Bespoke packages from as little as £30 + VAT per month

We will create a full bespoke package to suit your business.

Do as much of the setup yourself to save money.

We just want you to start increasing your orders and not worrying how the work will be done

Delivery Charges

All prices are Ex works so the cheapest way to get your frames is from the factory yourself.

We try to give the best service when it comes to delivery but unfortunately it comes at a cost and we subsidise this significantly.

  • For small orders of up to 5 Frames delivery is by trackable courier at a cost of £10+Vat (inc packaging)
  • For larger orders of multiple frames cost is £10+Vat (inc packaging) per package not exceeding 15Kg.
  • For van delivery distance on google maps between our factory and delivery address is charged at £7.50 per 15 minutes. If you are on multiple drop off route the cost will be divided and reduced considerably.

Cost of Framing

Once installed FrameIT will control all your pricing needs. We have created a formula that creates a recommended retail price and your cost of the frame is calculated from this. The price we charge you will always stay consistent even though you have the ability to change the margins up or down.


Working on an average cost frame which is approx £75 and includes mount and plain glass

  • A Gallery Package will pay £30 and receive frame mount glass and backing fabricated ready to insert artwork
  • A Setup Package will pay £30 and receive frame mount glass and backing fabricated ready to insert artwork
  • A Ultimate Package will pay £41.25 and receive the completed frame ready for the customer to hang.

Prices not including Vat.

Invoicing of completed jobs

We invoice for each frame we manufacture after it has been delivered. Invoices are saved over a period of 7 days and bulk sent midnight every Sunday. Payment is due strictly 7 days after this date giving you the opportunity to finish the frame and get it back to the customer. FrameIT also has the ability to administer deposits which means you should always have the cash in hand to cover the bills!

Setup Costs

We can get involved with as much of the setup as you require. Right from the very beginning we will give you a fully costed breakdown of everything nothing is hidden. You can then decide what you want to do yourself and what you want us to do.

See our case studies page for more details of bespoke packages we have created.

We will look at the following items when discussing a gallery setup

  • Sample requirements
  • Display system for samples
  • Work space and unit design
  • Training requirements
  • Marketing plans and initiatives

"Business is easy when you have a system that works. Plug into All About Framing to eliminate all your manufacturing woes and start making some serious money today........" Duncan McDonald MD @ All About Framing

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