Eyelike Gallery

case study

Eyelike Gallery opened using our "Ultimate Custom Frame Package"

Eyelike Gallery was a new setup in 2014 and Saro Brindley the MD was finding hard to establish a solid relationship with a good bespoke framer that could offer wholesale prices. Over a period of time she had approached a number of framers but the "FIT" wasn't there. Often they had no system of taking orders and the turnaround time could sometimes be many weeks.

"I needed a company who could provide me with the tools to offer a competent, competitive and successful business. My choice of All About Framing has proven to be an excellent decision, their software system enables me to give my customers instant quotes, stock levels completion dates, and I have full customer history at my finger tips that helps me provide excellent customer service."

Saro Brindley Managing Director of Eyelike Contemporary Art Gallery in Beaconsfield gives testimonial about All About Framing's manufacturing service

All About Framing had just finished testing our FrameIT system in our own galleries and were looking for a pilot site to take our offering outside our own establishment. Thats when we met Saro and helped her not only frame all the new artwork for her galley but setup a bespoke framing operation for her customers.

We advised on and provided hanging systems and chevron samples while Saro's builder carried out all the work of creating a beautiful space to house the artwork. Saro opted for the Ultimate Custom Framing Package so there was no need for training on frame assembly and learning how to input jobs on FrameIT took just a few hours in store and the occasional phone call for support.

Over the past few years we have produced 1000's of frames for Eyelike Gallery and now enjoy a very solid relationship as the business continues to grow.

Saro finishes by saying....

“The standard of work and the efficiency within All About Framing has enabled me to operate my business competently and successfully. It is for all these reasons I have no hesitation in recommending All About Framing for any framing solutions”