To allow researchers in the global Effective Field Theory community to connect and share their work,

All Things EFT is launched as a weekly international online lecture series in fall 2020, on September 30th.

Topics include all aspects of EFTs such as SMEFT, HEFT, LEFT, Dark Matter EFT, EFTs of gravity, SCET, ...

The lectures will be held via zoom. To receive the link to the zoom room, please subscribe below.


Lectures will usually be weekly on Wednesdays at

4pm CET (Geneva) = 10am EST (New York) = 7am PST (Los Angeles) = 11pm CST (Beijing)

Lecture Format: 1h plenary-style talk + discussion

One of the opening slides should specify for a broad audience:

1) the field content and symmetries and 2) an expansion parameter, i.e. the EFT(s) of interest.

Upcoming Lectures

All Things EFT is on summer break until September 2022.

The lectures in this series are listed in INSPIRE-HEP


Winter 2022

On April 13, we organised a spontaneous discussion on the interpretation of the W mass measurement in the Standard Model Effective Field Theory (SMEFT). We discussed the results of updated SMEFT fits:

Bagnaschi, Ellis et al Strumia Balkin, Madge et al Signori et al

Introduction (Trott)

Fall 2021

Place a bet on the outcome of the B anomalies in the years to come here: B anomaly Bets! Thanks so much to Professor Isidori for defining these bets for the community. Put your name down and take a stand!

Spring 2021


FALL 2020


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