All In One Home Gyms

Comparing the Pros and Cons of Working Out at Home or at a Fitness Center

Training At Home vs Training In The Gym? That's a question someone asks when starting to consider whether to set up a workout center in the basement or garage. Exercising home has the advantage of convenience, but are there significant advantages to gym membership that outweigh the convenience factor? Training at a gym does offer some benefits that probably aren't available at home, but all in one home gyms do a lot to even the balance.

Price Considerations

Buying equipment for home use has an upfront cost that can be higher than that of annual membership at a gym or monthly membership fees over the course of a year. However, eventually the cost will be recouped and afterward, the usage is essentially free. Pricing for compact home gyms has a very broad range depending on quality and features. Consumers can find an inexpensive version to get started at around $300, with top-of-the-line compact equipment running closer to $2,000.


The convenience factor can make it more likely that the person will work out regularly. There's no need to drive anywhere and to venture out in bad weather. This person still must approach the training program as a required part of the daily routine. When the equipment is in the garage or basement, the user can easily start feeling like it's OK to put off training until later in the day. By the time night arrives, any ambition to exercise has dissipated entirely.


Both environments have their distractions. In the gym, members may find themselves watching others who are much more buff and feel a lack of confidence. They might want to avoid another member they know personally, which restricts the time they can work out. At home, they might be thinking about projects they should be doing around the house instead of training for fitness. If they don't feel like exercising, cleaning may suddenly seem really important.


The gym can hold a multitude of equipment, while in most homes, the space is limited. A fitness center almost certainly will have much more devices to work out on than what can be placed in part of the basement or half of the garage. The member can mix up the exercise routine every day with all these different machines. Nevertheless, weight machines for home use that include other workout systems may be just the thing for someone who has trouble getting motivated to go to the gym.