All About Bad Breath

For many people, bad breath is something they’re very self-conscious about. It could be anything from having some garlicky food, a curry that is really good, or even having a lot of drinks the night before that can cause your breath to smell terrible. However, in many cases, you can talk to your Kennewick dentist and they will tell you that there are other causes as well, one of them being tooth decay and other issues as well. This article will tell you about what bad breath is, and what can cause it, to help you get a better understanding of yourself.

Now in many cases, bad breath is caused by bad brushing, a lack of flossing and not cleaning your tongue, and in many cases, the bacteria will just sit there. Tooth decay, gum disease and mouth infections cause this as well. Bad breath is the product of something, which is the odor-causing bacteria that will build up in your mouth and between your teeth. It’s a very common problem and there are different causes to this.

Now, if your bad breath is persistent, it’s caused by the gasses released by bacteria that will coat the teeth and gums. There are various bits of food that get caught in the teeth and tongue, along with the mucus, and this will decay and break down, which will cause a bad smell, which will create some Sulphur compounds.

In 10% of cases, the origin isn’t even in the mouth, but rather medical problems, but this is rarely the case, so if you have this issue, you should make sure that your own personal oral hygiene is kept in check.

Now the plaque on your mouth and gums can cause gum disease and dental decay, but they can also make your breath smell bad. It’s actually a warning sign of gum disease, and you should check with your Kennewick dentist to make sure that the problem is treated during the checkups. The earlier that you find the problem, the better the treatment is.

There are a few causes of bad breath that aren’t really dental in origin as well, but these are much rarer and should be considered if you do have bad breath but great oral hygiene. The first, is medications and dry mouth. For many medications, you might tend to get dry mouth as a side effect, and without enough saliva, food particles will stay there and cause bad breath.

Sinus infections and the nasal drip from this also causes bad breath because of the mucus passing to the throat and mouth.

Mouth breathing is another one. If you breathe through the mouth, it’ll reduce the saliva, which will lead to a mouth that is drier, but also one that smells so much more so make sure that you keep that in mind too.

Obesity is one of the biggest problems in the world today, and if you are obese, it can cause bad breath. Bacteria that are in the gut of obese people give a gas that is distinctive, which will cause bad breath in those that are overweight.

There might be other medical conditions that cause a bad breath as well. It might not be a putrid smell, but it is a fishy smell that is potent. This can be a sign of kidney problems, and if you smell like fruit, you could have diabetes that is uncontrolled.

Finally, smoking is another one that you should consider if you do suffer from bad breath. Smoking is terrible for you, but not just in an overall body sense, but in an oral health sense. If you smoke, you dry you the mouth that causes the odor-causing bacteria to go crazy. Nicotine will reduce the blood supply to the gums and will let everything breed faster, which in turn causes bad breath and other issues.

Bad breath is something that you can look into to figure out for yourself if you have it. By learning where it is, and taking care of it right away, you’ll be able to really get the most from your overall oral health and hygiene. You want to take care right now.