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Dear Students, (& parents/guardians)

Welcome to the aLIVE -Madrasah Home Learning Page!

We hope to ensure that learning continues, in good times and in hard times. May the lessons benefit you and fill your time away from Madrasah with meaningful knowledge. Insya Allah.

How to use this page:

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  • Click on the Image to view your lessons for the week!

NOTE: If you have your handbooks (workbooks) with you, please use them according to the instructions. If you do not have your handbooks, you can go to Quiz Page to try out the quizzes according to the lesson week.

We hope you will be able to take the time away from Madrasah to revise and read the handbooks or improve on your Surah Memorisation and Quranic Literacy learning.

Learning never ends!

Stay safe and take care. May Allah protect us from sickness and harm. Amiin.

aLIVE Lessons

Lessons for Week 2 sessions

30 March - 5 Apr 2020

Lessons for Term 2 for classes scheduled 23 - 29 March 2020

For Kids, Tweens & Teens Levels

Lessons for those affected with mosque closures on 14/15 March 2020

For Kids, Tweens & Teens Levels

Coming up soon

Quizzes and Activities

These are additional activities (not compulsory) you can try out if you have more time and wants to do some practice. Hope you enjoy doing them!

Currently under progress. Coming up soon!

If you do not have your Handbooks with you, please try out these quizzes.

You have some free time, and want to do some more activities.

Let's recite Surah Al-Fatihah and Du'a Seeking Knowledge before lessons...