Curbside Delivery

Looking for hair styling products? We’re here to help. As a licensed professional stylist, I have access to a range of hair care products that provide all you need to cleanse, style, and treat any hair type.

Skip the stores, avoid counterfeit or low quality products- and place your order with confidence today!

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Call or Text: (813) 444-9258


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does delivery take? 2-3 days After the order is placed. This takes into account shipping/receiving time with vendors

Do I need to be present for delivery? No, let me know all special requests before I arrive (garage, doorstep, front porch, etc)

Do you have a list of products? I do not have a product list at this time as this service was made available as a courtesy to my clients that have been affected by the Safer at Home policy. I can however, make recommendations based on your hair type, preferences and hair goals.

How do I pay for these items? All items can be paid via Venmo or directly to me when I arrive. All forms of payment are accepted. Credit or debit is preferred to avoid carrying cash and personal safety.

I have additional Questions: Please reach out to me anytime via phone, text or email.