Teaching Experience

  • Geology of the Pacific Northwest, Instructor, Summer 2019 (GeoFORCE 11th grade students from Houston, TX)
  • Scientist in Residence Program, Graduate Student Fellow, Earth Science Institute (UT Austin).
  • Geology of Central Texas, Instructor, Summer 2018 (GeoFORCE/STEMForce 12th grade students from Austin and Dallas, TX)
  • Geology of the Pacific Northwest, Instructor, Summer 2017 (GeoFORCE/STEMForce 11th grade students from Austin and Dallas, TX)
  • Geology of the Colorado Plateau and the Grand Canyon, Instructor, Summer 2016 (GeoFORCE/STEMForce 10th grade students from Austin and Dallas, TX)
  • Field Geology in the Rocky Mountains, Associate Instructor, Summer 2015 (Indiana University, Director: Bruce Douglas)
  • Field Methods, Teaching Assistant, Spring 2015 (UT Austin, Instructors: Mark Helper, Randy Marrett, Tip Meckel, Charlie Kerans)
  • Structural Geology, Teaching Assistant, Fall 2014 (UT Austin, Instructor: Whitney Behr)

Indiana University's Field Geology in the Rocky Mountains, Summer 2015. (Left) Thrust fault in Mississippian limestones (Madison Group) near Jefferson Canyon, Tobacco Roots, MT. (Right) Sawtooth Mountain, north of Helena, MT.

Geology of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado Plateau

The 10th grade Austin-Dallas GeoFORCE group at Balanced Rock in 2016 near Page, AZ (June 2016)

Talking about Grand Canyon stratigraphy while overlooking the North Rim

Checkerboard Mesa in Zion National Park... cross beds and fractures!

The 10th grade Austin-Dallas STEMForce group at Ooh-Aah Point after a hike down the Kaibab Trail (June 2016)

Plate Tectonics and the Geology of the Pacific Northwest

The 11th grade Austin-Dallas STEMForce group, Mt. Hood in the background! (July 2017)

Talking about the eruption of Mt. Mazama at Crater Lake

On the Oregon coastline, students learn about coastal processes and dune formation and erosion. (Left) Students look at sand samples collected from several parts of the beach, from the shoreline to the dunes, and think about differences in grain size and composition.

Geology of Central Texas

Overlooking the Colorado River and discussing the Balcones Fault Zone in Austin, TX. The Balcones has been crucial in shaping the modern history and culture of Texas. Many people settled along the fault line to take advantage of the abundant natural springs that surface along its trace, and to capitalize on both the cattle herding of the American West and the agriculture of the American South.

Students used maps and compasses to determine their locations and collect field data.

Student groups directed the learning in the field, exploring outcrops, making observations and collecting data, and asking questions.

(Left) Austin-Dallas 12th graders on UT Austin's campus.

(Right) Students visited Longhorn Caverns where they explored caves in the Ordovician Ellenburger limestone.