Alisadr Cave

Ali-Sadr World Largest Canopy-Boat Cave

Ali-sadr, the largest water cave and One of the largest canopy caves in the world.

Ali-sadr cave rocks are related to the Jurassic period from the second period of geology.

So this journey took about 190 million years ago. From the entrance you pass, you will encounter a cool atmosphere and this will make you forget about the heat. The lake is clear here, so that you can see the floor. You should wear a rescue vest and ride a boat and cross the stone walls. You should continue to take a boat out of the boat. But do not worry, because you'll be riding a boat again, passing a narrow path, from where there are no more boats.

In the summer of 2001, a German/British expedition surveyed the cave, finding to be 11 kilometers long. The main chamber of the cave is 100 meters by 50 meters and 40 meters high.

Ali-sadr Cave Detail

The Ali-sadr cave walls can extend up to 40 meters high, and it contains several large, deep lakes. The Ali-sadr cave has a river flowing through it and most travel through the cave system is done by boat. More than 11 kilometers of the cave's water canals have been discovered so far. Some routes are 10 to 11 kilometers long and all lead to "The Island", a centrally located large atrium.

Due to the difference in temperature outside and inside the cave and the coolness of the air within it, it is one of the attractive attractions for the summer season's hot season.

In the Ali-sadr cave you will encounter fantastic geological landscapes and you can see the miracle of nature closely.

Some caves pass 10-11 km, but still not all canals and communication networks of the cave have been discovered. Now, after a creeping cave, the pedestrian cave begins in the cave, and tourists after a relatively long distance Once again, they have been traversed by boat, but they are now discovered 14 kilometers from the caves, but only 4 kilometers from the streets, which are covered with a light-emitting diode, are visited. In general, a visit to the vast area of ​​the Great Qandil islands of the third and fourth islands of the Cave Riding and Passage From the bend of the blue passageways and the corridors with the crystalline ceiling, Effect is truly one of the masterpieces of the creation world, and nothing can describe all this splendor and beauty.

Hours and Visits and Tickets of Ali-sadr

In the first six months of the year, from 8:00 to 19:00, you can go here in the first six months of the year from 8:00 to 16:00

Ali-sadr Cave Address

Ali Sadr, Hamadan Province, Iran

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