Alina Gutoreva

I am a PhD researcher in Behavioural Science at the Department of Psychology at University of Warwick and ONE Lab (University of Warwick doctoral fellowship). I am fascinated by social influence and communication. My PhD work investigates how the mode of learning -- from others or from personal experience -- shape the decision-making process and results in behaviour.

In one of the projects I looked at decision-making for self and others. I also worked as a project researcher and advisory lead with practitioners and academics to think of the ways integrity in using technology in organisations can be improved.

I was the President and Nudge Unit Leader of Warwick Behavioural Insights Team (WBIT) where I supervised the design and implementation of behavioural insight trials on campus, developed data-driven proposals and advised on necessary changes in practices for Warwick Accommodations, Warwick Retail and Warwick Estates.


I aspire to work via the feedback loop between the descriptive empirical work from neuroscience, cognitive and behavioural sciences and prescriptive work from economics, politics and philosophy.

My aim to apply my work to evidence-based policy change to ensure short- and long- term well-being of society.

I am also interested in applications, ethics and risks of developments of AI technologies.


I hold a first class degree in Neuroscience and I was awarded the Undergraduate Prize by British Neuroscience Association (BNA). I have undertook a year-long internship in Behavioural Neuroscience lab to work on episodic memory. Afterwards, I decided to pursue a PhD in Behavioural Science as I was fascinated by the complexity of cognitive, behavioural and social underpinnings of human decision-making.