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With AliExpress's virtual private network, you can shield your internet activity from malware and hackers. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, you are also protected when surfing in public WiFi networks. With a AliExpress account, you can secure your router as well as your smartphone and computer. The technology is simple and flexible, whether in your own four walls, in the office or on the go. Before you decide on a security package, check the groupon page and see if there is a current AliExpress voucher.

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As soon as you visit a website, your internet provider can view all your online activities and track your behavior. It is therefore also possible to share your browser history with third parties. With a virtual private network (VPN) you can encrypt your internet traffic. For this purpose, your website access is encrypted via a specially configured VPN server. With the quick connect button you can connect to the best possible server. The VPN ensures that your private data is neither collected nor disclosed (no-logs guideline).

AliExpress Promo Codes for more internet security

Do you want internet without limits and want to use the diversity of the mobile data stream? Then AliExpress is your contact as a company. AliExpress offers you Internet without limits. Advanced security, freedom of the Internet and absolute privacy are just a few of the company's features. Secure and private access to the Internet encrypts all of your online activities to protect your private data from hackers and curious advertisers. The AliExpress offer therefore offers you the security that other providers cannot guarantee. With a AliExpress voucher you also have the opportunity to use the provider's functions at low cost.

Use AliExpress and consider the vouchers

If you would like to know more about the provider, then you have come to the right place. Because we offer you an overview of the functions of the provider and the bargains you can get with it. The company has set itself the task of ensuring online security for all private individuals. So they started a big challenge. AliExpress offers state-of-the-art security technologies. This encrypts internet traffic and, thanks to cybersec technology, it is encrypted. Curious advertisers no longer have access to your data. With a contract with AliExpress you receive military-grade encryption and the suppression of annoying advertisements.

The double encryption of Internet traffic is also guaranteed. You can combine all of this with the appropriate data protection from AliExpress. The offer is available with a 30-day money-back guarantee and in different versions. Three simple packages that guarantee different terms are available on the website of the provider. These packages are particularly advantageous when you use the AliExpress Promo Codes. These guarantee you discounts, which of course guarantee the best price-performance ratio. You can get valid promo codes directly from us. We offer you the best Promo Code and the ideal deals. The whole thing, of course, free of charge.

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Secure the best AliExpress deals

Would you like to save money with your security and still get the best price-performance ratio? Then use always the discount special. In combination with a high level of security and the Promo Codes, you came across the best price-performance ratio. The VPN Provider offers you attractive rewards that support the conclusion of a contract. With a AliExpress voucher you can save between 20 and 70 percent on a subscription. You can get the appropriate AliExpress vouchers from us. Depending on the offer period, you should look at the AliExpress deals with us. Our vouchers are easy to use. When signing a contract, you enter the AliExpress voucher code and thereby secure the high discounts.

Your AliExpress Promo Code is not working?

Before you redeem the AliExpress vouchers on the AliExpress website, you should consider the redemption conditions of the AliExpress vouchers and the discounts.

Has the voucher code been entered correctly?

An error could have occurred while transferring the code. Check the code again if necessary.

Is the voucher still valid?

Most vouchers and promotions run for a limited time. Make sure that there is an expiration date and that it has already passed.

Is the voucher bound to certain redemption conditions?

The different redemption conditions provide for new customers and existing customers. A minimum order value is rarely to be considered.

What are my options if the coupon code does not work?

A non-working promo code is of course annoying. However, some hints that lead to the desired discount are sometimes overlooked.

❌ Have you checked the runtime of the promo code?

Once the coupon has expired, the discount is no longer granted. So that you don't have to be annoyed, redeem the promo code in the advertised period. Since some sales are valid until the merchant revokes them, our team regularly tests them for their validity.

❌ Did you notice the conditions of the promo code?

If a discount is only granted if the coupon is subject to certain conditions, you will find the information under the promo code heading. The promo code or campaign details tell you whether the offer is only valid for new customers or in a selected category, for example.

❌ Correctly entered the number or letter combination of the promo code?

Since a coupon often consist of a longer combination of numbers, letters or symbols, it is important that you carefully check the entered discount code. It is best if you simply copy and paste it into the coupon field.

AliExpress is not an ordinary online shop. Rather, you order here from an online marketplace where the goods are offered by a variety of different sellers. And these also determine their personal sales conditions individually. Therefore, always look carefully on the article page and inform yourself about the order details. AliExpress Promo Code is an Asian marketplace, which means that your order will take longer to reach you. You will already be given a shipping time on the article page. For example, delivery can take place within 21 to 47 days. In addition, the seller can also give a guarantee regarding the delivery period. This means that if your order is not delivered within the specified period, you will receive a full refund. You should always exercise a little patience, because your goods have a long way to go to you. So you should be aware of the comparatively long delivery times. In view of the low price, these can be tolerated. You can first put your desired items in the shopping cart, where you can practically save or keep them ready for a later order. Or you can click directly on the "Buy Now" button and go to the "Confirm Order" page. Here you can choose your delivery address. Orders can only be placed with your own customer account. Therefore, you can also save several delivery addresses for selection. You also have the choice to choose a shipping method. To do this, open the drop-down menu. You will be shown the respective shipping service provider, the expected delivery time and the associated costs. In general, the faster the shipment, the higher the costs. In most cases, "AliExpress Standard Shipping" also offers free shipping. You also have to select the desired payment method. Here, too, each seller decides which selection to offer. Credit card and instant transfer are usually standard. PayPal has also been offered for some time now, but this is associated with low additional costs. Then check all your details again and click on "Confirm & Pay" to finally send your order. You will be redirected to the payment page.

Do you love to browse online department stores and find particularly good prices? Then you should take a look at the AliExpress online store. The dealer offers you more than 100 million products from various areas such as clothing, cell phones, computers, jewelry, bags, consumer electronics and more. In addition, you can look forward to a variety of deals, with the help of which you can send the already good prices even further into the basement. The AliExpress Promo Code that you will find in our database are particularly popular. The matching AliExpress promo code is of course included and you can turn it into cash in the shopping cart.

AliExpress online shop

Under the motto "Smarter Shopping - Live Better", the shop offers both products for every day as well as luxury items at an excellent price. Behind AliExpress is the Alibaba Group from China, which has attracted attention in recent years with its immense growth and delivers to over 200 countries. The shopping experience is rounded off by shops in different languages. Simply call up the German-language page via the footer and start browsing!

Sensational savings are waiting for you at AliExpress

Free AliExpress Promo Code - the easiest way to save

Of course, we make sure that you can find all current AliExpress Promo Code in our benefits database. For example, you will discover a coupon for new customers, but existing customers can also look forward to percentage or euro discounts. We'll tell you in our drop-down service menu under which conditions you can redeem your AliExpress Promo Code coupon codes. Is there a minimum order value? Until when is the savings coupon valid? Does this apply to the entire range or only to selected articles? You will receive this and other information in no time at all, so that you can start your virtual shopping spree straight away.

AliExpress Promo Code

Savings on the home page

As soon as you arrive at the AliExpress webstore, we recommend a look at the entry page. Already there you can find references to numerous discounts from various product areas and a 40 to 50 percent discount is the order of the day. If you scroll further down on this page, you will also receive many suggestions about the variety of products that AliExpress Promo Code offers.

The flash deals - always worth a look

Via the user menu at the top of the page you get to the flash deals that change constantly. For this reason alone, it is worth visiting this area frequently, because the savings there are particularly high with up to 85 percent discount. There are reduced bargains to be discovered from all product areas, so that everyone gets their money's worth.

AliExpress Promo Code flash deals

Frequently free shipping to Germany

You will receive many articles free of shipping costs. The shipping costs are displayed in the shopping cart. If you opt for standard shipping with a delivery time between 20 and 41 days, you can save a few euros again. However, this shipping form does not include tracking. For a small surcharge, you can opt for the ePacket and track exactly where your order is.

You will also receive AliExpress Promo Code via the newsletter

If you would like to be informed about exclusive sales and bargains, please register for the newsletter. This gives you regular, interesting information about particularly reduced offers. Apart from that, the online retailer would like to thank you with many AliExpress Promo Code for your customer loyalty. A deregistration is possible at any time.

Redeem a AliExpress promo code - so go ahead

First, take a look at our database at the top of the page

Here you will find all special offers and AliExpress Promo Code discount coupons

You can get all the information you need to redeem through the info menu

You can then copy your AliExpress coupon code straight away

In the shop you do your shopping and go to the shopping cart

Then register and go to the confirmation page of your order

Enter your AliExpress Coupon at the bottom of the page under the payment methods

When you send your order, it is automatically taken into account

Redeem AliExpress Coupon

Where can I find other providers of this type who also offer coupons?

Over the years, a number of China shops have emerged, all of which have a large variety of products and excellent prices. We have listed the most important ones with us. Simply go to the category overview under the heading Shopping and click here on the Far East button. This will show you all shops of the same type. Of course, it is also worth looking for great offers at the local online department stores such as Galeria Kaufhof or OTTO. In many cases, you can also score points with a coupon or save on shipping costs with a special offer and achieve first-class prices for high-quality products. It's best to take a look at whether you can get a Karstadt coupon and what bargains Amazon has to offer.

This is how you proceed when ordering and paying in the AliExpress Promo Code shop

If you already know exactly what you are looking for, you can use the search function at the top of the shop. Otherwise, the categories on the left side of the store will help you, behind which there are a variety of categories. On each overview page you will find the most important manufacturers and can search for suppliers with free shipping. There are also various options available to sort the offers.

Since various suppliers sell their goods at AliExpress, the product descriptions contain important information about the ordering conditions. You will not only learn more about the product there, but also the payment methods offered and the shipping conditions. You can also read the feedback from previous buyers and the guarantees of the respective seller. Also pay attention to the special offers in the descriptions, where you can, for example, get seller discount codes from AliExpress for a certain order value. If everything is to your satisfaction, put your selected goods in the shopping cart and start the ordering process there.


Credit card


Instant bank transfer



Western Union

And other


Shipping costs depend on the supplier

Shipping fees often free of charge

Delivery with various logistics partners


15-day return option

The customer bears the costs


Contact form in the customer account


Detailed FAQ section

Since different suppliers offer their goods at AliExpress, different payment methods are offered. You can find this out in the product descriptions. There you will find the main payment for Germany by major credit card, Giropay, Sofortüberweisung, bank transfer, Paypal , but you can also often pay via Western Union and WebMoney. In most cases there are no fees, but you will also be made aware of this in the product description. Incidentally, you will often find further payment methods that are intended for regional markets and are not offered in Germany.

The delivery and shipping conditions at AliExpress

Just as with the payment options, you will receive further information on shipping in the product preview of the respective provider. In many cases, you can look forward to free shipping to Germany, after which, by the way, you can look specifically for your search. Otherwise, a large number of logistics partners are used. Simply click on the "Shipping and payment" tab in the product descriptions to find out that you can request your goods via China Post Registered Air Mail, ePacket, EMS or DHL. You can also read the expected delivery times there. In general, the shorter the delivery times, the higher the delivery fee. You can also see in the table whether the selected shipping method enables shipment tracking.

It is important to know about returns

Compared to online shops based in Germany, return shipping is the most problematic issue for Far East senders. You can query the return policy in the product descriptions under the Seller guarantees tab. There you will learn that goods will be taken back if they are of poor quality or do not meet the descriptions. You will then get the purchase amount back, but you have to bear the shipping costs yourself. In addition, you can withdraw from the purchase with full reimbursement if the delivery takes longer than 60 days.

AliExpress special offers

This information is useful when ordering from this shop

How do I find out more about the seller and can I contact me?

Similar to eBay, there is the possibility to rate the sellers on the AliExpress platform. If you click on a product, you will find detailed seller ratings on the left. There you will also find out how many years the provider has been on AliExpress Promo Code and you have the opportunity to contact us by email. Communication will likely be in English, so mastering English makes sense. Customer service is also available in Russian and Spanish.

Is there an app for AliExpress?

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can download the free AliExpress app to your mobile devices via the iTunes and Google Play stores . This gives you access to the millions of AliExpress products on the go and of course you also benefit from discounts, deals and coupons on mobile devices.

Where can I find further information on using the shop?

Even if the AliExpress Shop is available in German, there are several areas that are shown in English. As a result, additional information such as buyer protection or instructions for using the shop are offered in English. Under the heading "How to Buy" at the bottom of the page you will find a lot of information about payment and shipping. It also takes you to customer service.

AliExpress range

What do I do if there are problems with my AliExpress Promo Code coupon?

AliExpress offers you a variety of ways to hit prices with a discount coupon. Unfortunately, it cannot be ruled out that an error message may appear every now and then, which can have different causes. It is best to answer the following questions in order not to have to give up your advantage:

How long is the AliExpress coupon code used?

Did I take it over correctly?

Are there any spaces missing, is the string correct, and have I considered the case?

Does the AliExpress coupon apply to all products or only to selected products or product groups?

Is it possible that the AliExpress promo code is only for new customers or existing customers?

Could it be that I have used this code before and can therefore not be used a second time?

Everything about AliExpress vouchers, the online shop and more

The AliExpress Promo Code online retail platform belongs to the extremely successful Alibaba Group. AliExpress is not an ordinary online shop, but an online marketplace where many sellers meet and can supply customers from all over the world with a wide variety of goods. The range is correspondingly large and varied. AliExpress was founded in 2010 and since then the sales portal has enjoyed international success. In 2018, AliExpress was the fourth largest online retailer in Switzerland. Despite the immense range of goods, the site is pleasantly clear. Different categories and sub-categories make it easier for you to find the desired products quickly and specifically. The AliExpress app is also available for mobile purchases.

You ask - we answer: What do you want to know about your order at AliExpress?

What are the benefits of a AliExpress voucher?

To give you a quick overview of the current savings deals at AliExpress Promo Code, we have summarized all available vouchers for you. You only have to choose one of them. You can save in a variety of ways. Some coupons have a fixed coupon value, with others you save as a percentage. Some vouchers apply to the entire range, others only to certain articles or product groups.

Where is the AliExpress coupon code?

If you have found a voucher that you want to save with, click on "Redeem voucher code". An extra window opens in which you can now read the discount code. You will need this in the next step. So write it down or use the integrated copy function to save the code in the clipboard with one click. In this way, you can also avoid possible typing errors if you later insert the voucher number into AliExpress.

How do I trigger my AliExpress voucher?

After forwarding to the AliExpress shop, the real fun can begin. Browse through the wide range of goods and put your desired items in the shopping cart. Then start the buying process. You will be taken to an overview page where you will see the input field for the discount code on the right. Paste the code here by either typing or copying it. Then click "Apply" to activate the voucher. If everything went well, you can see directly how your order amount is reduced by the respective voucher value. You can now complete your order as usual.

How can I return my order to AliExpress?

You have a money back guarantee with AliExpress Promo Code. In your order history, first select the item in question and contact the seller to discuss the problem with them if you are not satisfied with an item. If no amicable settlement can be reached, you can complain simply by initiating a dispute within 15 days of the delivery of your order or after the confirmation period for the receipt of the package. Many of the sellers will refund your money within 15 days. If there are any problems with the refund, contact AliExpress customer service. Check the article page to see if you can find the "Free returns" notice there. With the free return service you benefit from an additional 15 days

What payment options does AliExpress offer?

Since there are many different sellers on AliExpress, the payment methods available can vary from seller to seller. During the ordering process, there are usually several payment methods to choose from. The commonly available payment options usually include Sofortüberweisung, Giropay, Webmoney, bank transfer and PayPal. Buying with a credit card is usually always possible. Various credit cards are accepted, including American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

How long does delivery take on AliExpress?

On each article page you will find information about the shipping costs. Click on it to go to the detailed shipping overview. There you will also see the estimated delivery date, depending on the shipping method used.

When are orders at AliExpress Promo Code free of shipping costs?

Many AliExpress sellers offer free shipping. The shipping costs or the free shipping option is shown directly on the item page. Click on it to go to a detailed shipping overview. There are usually several shipping options to choose from, with at least one usually free of charge. Particularly fast shipping (usually with DHL) usually involves higher shipping costs.

How can I contact AliExpress support?

If you have any questions about the items, please contact the respective seller directly. You will find a contact option for this on the relevant article page. If you would like to contact Ali-Express customer service with general questions about using the sales platform, Customer Service is available to you, which you can reach in writing or via the chat function.

Is there a secret saving tip? Yes!

Those who like to go bargain hunting will get their money's worth at AliExpress. AliExpress is known for low prices and yet there is always new savings potential. New campaign sales are held regularly at AliExpress, whether Black Friday, special offers to celebrate the Chinese New Year or summer discounts. You always discover new savings deals. There are also the “lightning deals”. Like most discounts, these are limited in time. So it is important to strike quickly and be one of the first to secure the best prices. And check out the AliExpress “Coupon Center”. Coupons worth US $ 300 million are given away here! With the online giant AliExpress, you think in other dimensions - this also applies when it comes to saving.