Legal Solutions

We also provide support and assistance to legal professionals, businesses, law firms, and individuals in various legal matters. 

We provide para-professional paralegal services to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Document Preparation and Review:

Our proficient team is well-versed in preparing, organizing, and reviewing a wide range of legal documents, such as contracts, agreements, pleadings, and court forms. We guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and compliance of all necessary documents, ensuring they meet the relevant legal requirements.

Legal Research:

With our experienced paralegals at your disposal, we conduct thorough and in-depth legal research to support your case or project. Utilizing various legal databases, we analyze statutes, regulations, and case law, compiling comprehensive research reports that provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Case Management:

Efficiently managing your case is our priority. Our dedicated team organizes and maintains case files, tracks deadlines, and schedules appointments and court appearances. We ensure that all necessary documents and evidence are properly filed and readily available when needed.

Discovery Support:

In the crucial discovery process, we provide invaluable assistance by collecting, organizing, and reviewing documents and evidence. Our paralegals conduct witness interviews and prepare deposition summaries, ensuring that all relevant information is meticulously organized and readily accessible for litigation purposes.

Administrative Support: We understand the importance of seamless administrative support in the legal field. Our firm offers a comprehensive range of services, including drafting correspondence, managing calendars and scheduling, handling client inquiries, and maintaining client communication.

Personal & Family Law Services 

Alternative Dispute Resolution | Mediation

Offering parties to a confidential voluntary process  and  towards reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. Divorce and other family law disagreements can often be unnecessarily expensive and stressful if they reach the courtroom. Non-Court Dispute Resolution (Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR and ODR) can reduce the time and cost for everyone and has other benefits such as increased privacy and the avoidance of protracted court.

Personal & Business Real Estate Law

Whether you're buying or selling property, our legal network will ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Reviewing contracts leases, real estate transactions and other legal agreements, identifying potential issues and offering valuable insights to attorney.

Medical Summary & Records Request 

Medical summary and record requests play a vital role in legal cases where medical evidence is crucial. These requests aim to obtain comprehensive medical records and summaries that can provide valuable insights and support legal arguments.

Administrative Hearing State & Federal 

When dealing with administrative matters it is important to recognize the differences between state and federal administrative Hearing procedures.

Deposition Summary Services

The importance of a deposition summary is a concise and objective overview of the key points discussed during a legal deposition. It serves as a helpful tool for attorneys and legal professionals to quickly and efficiently review the important details of a deposition without having to read through the entire transcript. It  includes a summary of the witness's testimony, any important facts or evidence presented, and any significant findings or conclusions reached during the deposition. It is crucial for a deposition summary to be accurate, thorough, and organized in order to provide a clear and comprehensive overview of the deposition for future reference.

Veterans Administrative Benefits

Experience using the Veteran's Application Non-Service forms. Drafting Checklists for eligibility, Drafting and  communicating with clients,  gathering  necessary documents needed to prove eligibility. And request military records.

Discovery & Legal Research

Drafting interrogatories and requests for production of documents

Drafting answers to interrogatories and request

Production of Documents

Contacting clients to prepare answering discovery motion to compel notice of hearings certificate service

Scheduling hearings with the court electronic filing, mailing copies to opposing counsel