Inkjet prints on Japanese paper, 30 x 45 cm, silk thread; installation with photographs (archival inkjet prints 10 x 10 cm), thread, paper, ink).


The work is an approach to forms of non-productive temporality in the everyday, an ongoing experiment in using ‘nothing’ as a strategy.

It plays with notions of nothingness and failure and aims to generate a disencounter. Instead of a significant object, it is composed of repetitions, minor variations, imperceptible shifts: the indistinct markers of nothing happening. It seeks what is left over from meaning and purpose: what is not recognisable as significant; looking for the points where meaning fails; aiming for a kind of making/thinking that is a form of waiting for its own failure. My aim is to dis- cover small, everyday non-events of trans- formation, where various forms of doing (almost) nothing become not meaningless actions, but openings onto new configurations of seeing.