Aliasghar Mortazi

My name is Aliasghar Mortazi and I am a Ph.D student in the Center for Research in Computer Vision (CRCV) at computer science department of University of Central Florida (UCF) since fall 2015. I am working under supervision of Dr. Bagci in the medical image computing and processing. More specifically, I am working on developing novel optimization algorithms for deep neural networks with their applications in cardiac image analysis.


  • A deep-learning review paper for breast cancer is accepted to publish in the British Journal of Radiology 2018
  • Paper accepted to STACOM 2017: "Multi-View Deep Segmentation Networks for Cardiac Structures from MRI and CT",(pdf)
  • Abstract accepted to RSNA 2017 for oral presentation: "Deep Learning for Cardiac MRI: Automatically Segmenting Left Atrium Expert Human Level Performance"
  • Merit Award for presentation in RSNA 2017 : "Deep Learning Applications in Radiology, Recent Developments, Challenges and Potential Solutions"
  • My abstract accepted as one of the American Heart Association(AHA) CVRI Young Investigator Award finalists at NASCI 2017 : "MACHINE LEARNING FOR CARDIAC MRI: AUTOMATED MAPPING OF LEFT ATRIUM AND PULMONARY VEINS WITH HUMAN LEVEL PERFORMANCE"
  • Paper accepted to MICCAI 2017: "CardiacNET: Segmentation of Left Atrium and Proximal Pulmonary Veins from MRI Using Multi-View CNN",( pdf)