Algiers Point Neighborhood Association

Anyone Interested in the Algiers Point neighborhood who supports the purpose of the APA can become a member. Voting Members must reside within the area bounded by the Mississippi River, Newton Street, and Atlantic Avenue; or own property in Algiers Point; or own a business in Algiers Point. Renters and companies can join the APA.

Board Members

Meeting Information

When the Algiers Point Association meetings return to in-person they are held the third Thursday of the month from 7PM-9PM.  Meetings are held at Mount Olivet Church, 530 Pelican Avenue. 

Currently, APA meetings are held via Zoom -
Meeting ID: 504 366 4650  Passcode: beans 

2022 Officers

President: Jim Goodwin 

Vice President: Stephan Namisnak 

Vice President: Skip Gallagher

Treasurer: Diana Masters 

Secretary: Callie Winn Crawford

2022 Board Members

Sue Aspinwall

Bella Bedortha

Joe Bonney

Connie Burks

Vlad Ghelase

Amy Hubbell

Leann Logsdon

Mike Miller

Sybil Orr

Kelly Rookard

Martin Stroble

2022 Advisory Board

Jacqueline Clarkson

Fay Faron

Kelsey Foster

Kevin Herridge

Dylan Knoll

Paul Langenwalter

Malik Rahim

Heather Shields

Michael Verderosa

Lynn Worley


PAY BY CHECK mail or Drop-off your check to Jim Goodwin, 537 Verret Street. Please include your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS with your check. Make checks payable to "ALGIERS POINT ASSOCIATION".

PAY BY CREDIT CARD pay online here 

Your APA membership is tax deductible.



Your APA donation is tax deductible.  Please make checks payable to "Algiers Point Association". Checks can be dropped off at 537 Verret Street.