What to Include

Character Animator

Character Designer

Hand Drawn Animator


(Think about stature and sincerity)

Stature: Must be able to lead yourself

Sincerity: Do not represent yourself with arrogance

Writing a Statement:


Max Gilardi:

2D flash and 3D animator on YouTube who produces fan animations and original series to a highly professional standard.

Max Gilardi's biography gives an efficient and brief listing of several of his animated productions and achievements. In edition to this their personality is very apparent in this bio as they insert their brand of self depriving humor alongside the more formal information.

Kiesten Lepore:

Primarily a stop motion animator who also works in traditional hand drawn. Produces original content such as Story from North America as well as creating animations for shows and networks such as Adventure Time.

This is a professional biography that quickly covers her achievements in animation and the clients she has worked for.

Yotam Perel:

2D flash animator on youtube. I really admire their style and narratives and tone in animation and have watched many of their short films and original series.

This biography gives a brief list of accomplishments as well as displaying Yotams personality in the writing style.

Andy Ristanio

Professional character designer for adventure time who has also created several original films and series.

This biography once again gives a brief description of the creators achievements, examples of their work and ends with a short sentence which displays his personality.

This structure of first giving a brief and professional description of oneself then ending with more light hearted statement displaying the your personality seems to be a good approach in writing a biography. All but one example here writes in the third person, although this does not seem compulsory it may be something to be considered.

Most of these examples are accompanied by an illustration of the creator in their preferred style. This gives the biography more personality and makes it a lot more engaging. I particularly like the structure of Andy Ristanio's bio, the short paragraphs means it is very easy to read and looks neat and professional. I do like the level of personality in Max Gilardi's and Yotam Perel's biographies. Kiesten's biography is perhaps too professional to be useful to me since I have not yet got any professional achievements in animation.

Own Statement - First Draft:

Own Statement - Second Draft: