Signature Guarantee

The Promise to You

I understand that the care and maintenance of your piano is something that you take very seriously. Whether you are a full time teaching or performing profesional that needs the best of performance at all times or if you are a student and a hobbyist, I understand that the work needs to be done correctly and quickly.

If for any reason you are unhappy with the service of your piano for whatever reason, please contact me immediately by phone (you may call or text) (619) 373-6423.

Here are the primary guarantees:

  • All parts are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years: if I install it, I cover it beyond the manufacturers warranty for that particular part. The labor on all services is guaranteed for life: I'll install it correctly.
  • Tunings are guaranteed for 2 weeks from your original tuning date. If I walk away from your piano and you are not totally satisfied with the tuning, you have two weeks to get in touch with me to come out and correct the problem.
  • If for whatever reason you cannot be satisfied for the labor done, and it does not meet industry standards or conform to the minimum specifications for your particular piano, you will recieve a full refund for the labor done on your piano and you will be recommended to several other technicians who may be able to fulfill your needs.

The quality of the service you recieve is of utmost importance.

These are my guarantees to you,

Alexander Swanson