New Role!

I am currently engaged in a contract role that occupies my 40-hr work week.

Full-time, W-2, Contract, or C2C opportunities welcome.

My name's Alex,

...and I've been designing games and building interactive experiences and in Unity with C# for a over 10 years. 

My journey into the world of gaming began with a vivid memory—the thrill of attempting "Skate or Die" on my brother's Commodore 64. Back then, I had no clue, just a boundless wonder for what lay within those pixels.

As a teen, the world of "Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2" captivated me, sparking a curiosity for hacking ".cog" files and tinkering with JavaScript snippets for my JKDF2 clan website on Geocities. I explored web design throughout high school, creating sites that laid the groundwork for my future endeavors.

Intriguingly, my passion for MMORPGs and Dungeons and Dragons as the Dungeon Master led me to design intricate narratives, unknowingly setting the stage for my journey into game design. Amidst it all, minor college screenplay awards provided perspective.

Participating in game development teams and game jams further refined my skills, crafting experiences that would resonate with players. These diverse experiences have come together to shape my creative path.

Join me on this adventure where we bring imagination to life.

Professional Goals