Alex Manchester


About me:

I am a fourth-year graduate student in the math department at Rice University. My advisor is Prof. Shelly Harvey, and my research interests are in knot concordance, 4-dimensional manifolds, and satellite operators, especially in the topological setting.

I received a B.S. in Mathematics with Departmental Honors from the University of Chicago in 2019.

Preprints (both have been submitted for publication):

I also work as the Mathematics Collection Development assistant at Rice's Fondren Library. I assist with the selection and acquisition of new books, as well as the weeding of of damaged and outdated books in the collection. Additionally, I contribute to our online research guides (, particularly the guides on math and AI, and focusing on the history of math and the relationship between AI and accessibility. I am also helping out with events run by the library to introduce students to the university's Overleaf subscription.

Here is a copy of my CV.

I have also been involved in the Hatch Youth program at the Montrose Center, an after-school program providing tutoring and social activities aimed at LGBTQ youth in the Houston area.

Photo by Jeff Fitlow

Conferences I have co-organized

Nearly Carbon Neutral Geometry and Topology Conference (2023, co-organizer of the concordance section)

Log cabin conference on concordance and knotted surfaces (2023, co-organizer)

Invited Talks

CIRGET Junior (2023)

Joint Mathematics Meeting (2023)

Geometric Topology Grad and Postdoc Seminar (2022)

AMS Fall Western Section (2022)

Other places you may have seen me...

BIRS Topology in Dimenison 4.5 (2022)

Topology Students Workshop (2022)

MSRI Summer Graduate School: Floer Homotopy Theory (2022)

Birthday Conference for Alan Reid: Geometry, Arithmetic, and Groups (2022)

ICERM Braids in Low Dimensional Topology (2022)

Graduate Student Topology and Geometry Conference (2022)

Texas Women in Math Symposium (2022)

Tech Topology Conference (2021)

Oberwolfach Seminar: Combinatorial and Geometric Knot Theory (2021)

GAIN Conference (2021)

Spectra LGBTQ+ in Mathematics Conference (2021)

Nearly Carbon Neutral Geometric Topology Conference (2021)

Georgia Topology Conference (2021)

Graduate Student Conference in Algebra, Geometry and Topology (2021)

AIM 4-dimensional Topology Research Community (2021)

Graduate Student Topology and Geometry Conference (2021)

Tech Topology Conference (2020)

Trans Math Day (2020)

LGBTQ+ Math Day (2020)

Trends in Low-Dimensional Topology (2020)

Nearly Carbon Neutral Geometric Topology Conference (2020)

University of Chicago Mathematics REU (2019)