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The Dream Lifestyle

I was sold a dream back in 2004 that I could make money on demand from the internet while sipping on a pina colada on the beach as my PayPal account filled up with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How gullible I was back then huh.

I’m sure as you’re reading this, and probably realizing that you may have been a bit gullible like me, but don’t worry because even gurus like Mike Filsaime have personally told me that at one time he bought into the same dream of fast cash while he was chilling out on the beach.

However, it didn’t take long for this smart cookie to recognize that he was being sold a dream and he had to do something about it (fast).

So he began to build a business online that eventually grew into a multi-million dollar business over the last couple of years right in front of many of our eyes.

The question is why were you left behind?

I’ll tell it as straight as I can ...

All of us wanted to believe this “gurus’ dream” was real, but the people who are now making serious cash online are able to because they’ve built an online business in order to live the dream lifestyle that so many of the sales pages pitch to us,

And then the flip side of the coin is...

Many people are failing to make money online, because they just don’t know where to start in building an online business and to be bluntly honest they try their very hardest to skip past the part of building a business and go straight after the fast riches.

But that scenario is just too good to be true.

And if you think it’s possible then it would be as silly as saying, “your about to go swimming in a pool without any water”

Just because you are in the pool doesn’t mean you’re swimming.

So take note and listen to me, without a business you cannot do business.

Now don’t panic – I have a plan to help you start building a business that is modern enough to fit the new era of web 2.0.

I’m going to show you the simple steps you need to take in order to build your online business the correct way, from the very first steps like I’ve done with many others over the past few months.

Alex Jeffreys Guru's Dream

So how do these up and coming newbie’s have what it takes to take over the gurus?

I’ll explain it like this...

When my Nan needs to use the PC she always asks my younger 14-year-old nephew, who uses the machine like a natural.

He’s got MSN – Bepo - Myspace – Face book – etc etc ... He even knows how to use short keys and I’m always tapping him for lessons.

And he helps me too after I give him a dead arm or two – he’ll do it all for my nan, but me darn I have to bribe the kid with money ...

You love me Sammy-Joe right :)

But this kid doesn’t know any different to what it would have been like back in the olden days with no television only to move into watching black and white box’s and then onto a color TV.

Man this kid was brought up with sky TV, hi speed broadband and every kid in school with cell phones and he has over 1000 hot chicks as his online friends around the world. I’m telling you this kid is tuned into the new era that is out there folks.

And I see it the same way with today’s online newbies, they’re tuned into the new era of the internet without even knowing there was an older era before they started out.

And that’s the newbie’s advantage right there.

They were brought into the internet world in the social media era which is a very powerful source to tap into in order to make an impact and a profitable income online.