The Alexander Technique Centre

Suite 110-809 W. 41st Ave Vancouver BC

Phone: 604 737 2818

The Alexander Technique is a practical, self-care, educational method for improving awareness, movement and posture. It provides the tools to recognize our habits and patterns of responses so that we can change them. It emphasizes the relationship of the head, neck and back which is fundamental to improved use of the body.

Gaby Minnes Brandes, Ph.D., has been a certified instructor of the Alexander Technique since 1988. She is the owner of the Alexander Technique Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She was the founder and the co-director of the Vancouver School of the Alexander Technique, a CANSTAT certified teacher training program until the school closed in December 2018. Gaby is a member of CANSTAT, STAT, AmSAT and ATI, and is the most recent Past President of the Canadian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

Upcoming workshops:

  • Pender Island Flute Retreat, with William Bennett, Lorna McGhee and Gwen Klassen & Gaby Minnes Brandes, June 2019
  • Alexander Technique Introductory workshop, workshop for horseback riders, and a workshop that focuses on the use of voice using Alexander Technique., in Lethbridge, Alberta, August 2019
  • Workshop for piano teachers, with Jennifer Condie and Aleah Wielinga, October 2019