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Main expertise in .NET stack: C#, ASP.NET, T-SQL. Distributed heterogeneous and SOA-systems construction experience. Creation of the Smart-client WPF applications (multithreading, WebServices, WCF), development Enterprise solutions. Full-stack developer. Interested in distributed systems, DDD, CQRS approach. I worked a lot with distributed equipment. Management of developers team and remote teams. Clear vision of the project life cycle. Communication with foreign customers - technical task development and support (English).


    • Programming languages: C#, T-SQL, TypeScript; also C/C++, GoLang.

    • Technologies : .NET Framework (+.NetCore, linux), WPF, Entity Framework, SQL Reporting Services, Docker

    • Web-Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, WCF, REST, WebServices, WebApi, React (+MobX)

    • Databases: MS SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSql

    • Development tools: Visual Studio .NET, TFS, Docker, Git, Jira, Confluence, etc…

    • Other: work with different components – Infragistics, DevExpress; create installation packages with InstallShield, WiX


1996-2001 Kostroma State Technological University. Specialty: Automatization of production processes (Management computer systems). Diploma with honors.

DCA (Docker Certified Associate 2020, credential)
MCSD (Microsoft Solution Developer, 2005-2017)
MCDBA (Microsoft Database Administrator, 2007)
MCPD (Microsoft Win, Web Professional Developer, 2012)
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Solution architect, Team Lead (remote work)

Demouton Co (
Mar 2017 - present (3 yrs)

Creation of entertainment system for "Rossiya Airlines" and "NordWind Airlines" air transport operators. It allows broadcasting video and audio content (including DRM content) on board. In a such manner that passengers are able to use all kinds of mobile devices (Android, iOS or browser) to receive informatin and entertainment content via Wi-Fi. Our team successfully resolved a lot of technological and hardware issues to create hundreds of stand-alone media-devices. We implemented the distributed systems for content preparation, diagnostic and updating media-devices; offline payments support.

Technologies : C# (.NetCore, Linux, Docker), PostgreSql, React + TypeScript, WebApi, WPF WinApp


  • Remote developers management

  • Tasks planning and verification of implementation

  • System architecture, database design

  • Implementation of preparing streaming video (and DRM content)

  • Development of backend (c#, postgreSql) and frontend (React, typesctipt), WPF-WinApp for content updating

Team Lead

"Programmniy produkt" (Программный продукт,, Moscow
Sep 20
15 - Feb 2017 (1 yr 6 mos)

Our team implemented and deployed of the ticket selling system, processing and validation of travel passes for suburban trains in Moscow and the Moscow region. It was launched the sales at the ticket offices on train-stations, at the ticket printing vending machines, as well as in carriages by the use of a portable handheld terminal. Financial subsystem integrated with external systems of RZD (Russian Railways), social services, bank's payment system. Analytics subsystem checks reconciliation of financial indicators and identify fraud. It was developed the mechanism of secure guaranteed delivery of data, which also allowed to work by the use of a special flash drive when the network was down.

Technologies : C#, WPF, ASP.NET, WebApi, MongoDB, MS SQL, RabbitMQ, Zabbix, Git


  • Team Lead of software update group, data delivery group

  • Implementation of delivery and update software on different hardware

  • Support of different versions of software and data

  • Certification and validation process of sales of agent companies

  • System health monitoring and collecting faults data

Senior software developer

Digital October Center ( ), Moscow
Mar 2013 - Aug 2015 (
2 yrs 6 mos)

Creation of a cloud platform (and SDK) for interactive live broadcasts and on-demand TV. This platform allows to control TV-streams from different sources, adds specific user interface as well as business logic. As a result, we have a uniform application development for any kind of devices: TVs, phones, tablets (regardless of the type of OS). Usage of XAML markup to create applications and deep integration with Visual Studio provide great facilities to developers as if they work with an ordinary WPF application with a small adaptation.

Technologies : C#, WPF, TFS, WiX, Git


  • Implementatin SDK for developers, platform's internal logic

  • Development visual components (DataTemplates, triggers, bindings, etc...)

  • Installation package (WiX); performance optimization

  • Implementation of various applications on our platform, including the Sochi 2014 Olympic games and Champions Hockey League (2014-2015) broadcasting, 3D demo applications and many others

Senior software developer

Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp (, Moscow
Mar 2008 - Mar 20
13 (5 yrs 1 mos)

Project: PACS - Pathogen Asset Control System
Development disease surveillance system to combat bioterrorism attacks and prevent the proliferation of biological weapons-related technology, pathogens and expertise; to detect and report bioterror attacks, epidemics and potential pandemics. PACS is installed in laboratories and repositories of different countries and providing management, tracking and control biological agent stocks and biomaterials throughout their lifecycle. Multilanguage support, large amount of data, multilevel security system, restrict personnel access to various information.

Technologies : C#(2.0-4.0), WinForms, Win8 (MetroUI), EF, MS SQL, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, InstallShield, SpecFlow


  • Participation in system architecture development

  • Security implementation, preparing for security certifications (USA)

  • Reporting system implementation; Automation of Repository inventorization process

  • Database design, stored procedures performance optimization, apply security policies for data access

  • Create application adapted for touch screens (WinRT); RFID identification

  • Create installation packages (InstallShield); Demo site about product; + other works


Project: Participation in the project on modeling of information system of storage, management and movement of ammunition and hazardous substances.

Technologies : WPF / PRISM, CSLA, MSMQ, Reactive Ext., fault tolerance document workflow system

Architect / Team Lead

Businesscom LLC, Moscow
2006 - Mar 2008 (1 yrs 5 mos)

Architected the services aggregator for holding's companies. Developed company's catalogue and announcement search system. Project implemented as distributed auto-configured SOA-system.

Technologies : C#, ASP.NET 2.0, MS SQL Server, WCF


  • System architecture, database design

  • Search part development and implementation

  • Implementation of interconnection between distributed system's parts

Team Lead

SoftExport, Kostroma
Aug 2003 - Nov 2006 (3 yrs 4 mos)

Implemented car sales web-portal in Illinois, USA. Distributed system. The portal support API for usage by Windows application and PocketPC application. Implemented automatic publishing of printed magazine. Also implemented car cost estimation and auctions.. Integration with different services from the other sites. Collaboration with Pulitzer, Inc. (one of the biggest publishing company in USA).

Technologies : C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, WinForms, CompactFramework (для PDA), Adobe Illustrator 10


  • General management of the project; Architecture, system infrastructure, task plaining.

  • Database design.

  • Development of WinForms application for mass update cars data and prices; also creation application for PockePC (fast data collection in the field)

  • Implementation system of magazine publication

Project: ROI Explorer (WinForms application)
ROIExplorer program was developed as Smart-Client for MMT ROI system. MMT ROI system advertisement management system on the search engines (Yahoo, Google, MSN etc.) System provides unified interface for work with accounts and advertisement words. ROIExplorer was designed for load reduction on the server, providing more comfortable interface for users, local statistics collection, caching, data aggregation; offline work capabilities and server synchronization.

Technologies : C#, WinForms, WebServices, MS Composite UI AppBlock


  • General management of the project; communication between developers team

  • Architecture, core programming; users interface development

  • Integration with MS CompositeUI AppBlock, modification and extension

Software developer

Dot Alfa, Kostroma
Sep 2001 - Aug 2003 (2 yrs)

Project: WorldCell. Web-site for satellite phones sale/leasing. (C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server)
Responsibilities: Core and administration part development. Participation in the Frond-end part creation. Multilanguage support.

Project: Global Ellipse. American corporation B2B-portal that provides services in the industrial equipment supply area. (C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server).
Responsibilities: Participation in the system architecture and database development, administration interface development, front-end part.

Project: WebTrafficMedia. American company’s search system and e-Commerce specialized on PR and advertisement in the internet. (ASP, MS SQL Server, C++).
Responsibilities: Implementation of the search COM+ component on С++.

Project: Distributed system for web-site restructuring and optimization with the aim of traffic expansion from the searching systems. (4 Win server, 10-15 Linux servers). (ASP, MS SQL Server, C++, Pascal, Perl)
Responsibilities: Pascal ISAPI filter, COM+ component for pages restructuring, web-page rebuilding on Perl.