Alexander Dietz

I am a Lecturer in Philosophy at Cardiff University. My main research interests are in normative ethics and moral psychology.

My CV.



1. Are My Temporal Parts Agents? Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, forthcoming.

2. Explaining the Paradox of Hedonism. Australasian Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming.

3. Effective Altruism and Collective Obligations. Utilitas, 31 (2019): 106-115.

A reply to Brian Berkey, The Institutional Critique of Effective Altruism. See here for Berkey's reply and here for a reply by Antonin Broi.

4. Review of Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, Volume 5, ed. Mark Timmons. Journal of Moral Philosophy, 15 (2018): 784-786.

5. What We Together Ought to Do. Ethics, 126 (2016): 955-982.

For discussion, see Christopher Woodard, Taking Utilitarianism Seriously, Chap. 5, and see here for a reply by Magnus Jedenheim.