Inspired by the creativity and culture of Miami, Alex Marrero is an entrepreneur, photographer and small business supporter thriving in the Magic City.

Small Business Supporter

Alex Marrero is an entrepreneur who’ll never forget his roots. As someone who has launched and built startups from the ground up, Marrero has a soft spot for small businesses. In his view, small businesses are the heart and soul of Miami. These businesses live and breathe the Magic City! Supporting small businesses and buying local fosters the local economy in a major way. But it’s not all about dollar signs for Alex Marrero…

Small businesses aren’t just the hotels that house vacationers or the trendy shops that draw in tourists. From startups to established ventures, these family-owned businesses are what makes Miami magical. They keep locality alive and embrace the area’s creative vibe. As a small business consultant and startup strategist, Alex Marrero is passionate about the Buy Local movement. In times of hardship, it is the mom and pop shops that open their hearts to the people — not the corporate giants who do their Disney dance! #BuyMiami

Alex Marrero Miami small business
Alex Marrero Miami tourism and travel

Alex Marrero is passionate about highlighting the fact that there’s more to Miami than tourist traps. But, at the same token, Marrero recognizes that the Magic City beckons visitors from all over the world. And for good reason, too! In fact, he believes that Miami has even more potential for tourism and travel. In his new blog series, the Miami local and real estate investor looks forward to highlighting hidden gems that both locals and tourists can enjoy in the Magic City.

Recently, Alex Marrero has become recognized as a rising creative in Miami's fashion scene. As he builds out his photography portfolio, Marrero looks forward to being able to offer a full suite of services, including photo editing, photo booths for events and more.

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