I'm a fourth year PhD student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I work on prosody and prosodic interfaces, mostly in Austronesian languages. I'm broadly interested in phrasal prosody, word level stress, and segmental and suprasegmental correlates of prosodic constituency. More about what I'm working on can be found under Research, or by emailing me: afarinella@umass.edu

New & Updates

January 2024 I will be at NELS @ MIT, giving a talk on phonology and word order in Tagalog with Jed Pizarro Guevara 

January 2024 I gave a co-authored talk on prosodic variation in African American English at the LSA in New York

August - September 2023 I was in Manilla, Philippines for fieldwork, running visual world experiments as an RA for Jed Pizarro Guevara 

August 2023 I co-presented a talk and a poster at ICPhS in Prague 

PC: Michael Ho