Alcoholism Rehabilitation Florida

How Alcoholism & Rehabilitation Can Affect Lives

Drinking is a big problem - and because it's legal, you may not even know it.

Although alcohol is legal and commonly used by people all the time, it doesn't mean that there are no risks to consuming it. In fact, there are many issues which alcohol abuse can cause - such as physical and mental damage - and then there are also the risks that a person can cause whilst intoxicated.

The health risks

Alcoholism can lead to an array of different health risks, ranging from cancer to Gout. Chronic or heavy drinking could cause anemia, cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis and also high blood pressure.

Anemia can cause symptoms like lightheadedness, dizziness, fatigue and difficulty breathing. These happen because, when a person has been drinking for a long time, the number of red blood cells can be depleted. They carry both oxygen and iron around the body and this is why people suffer from these types of symptoms.

As a knock-on effect, cardiovascular disease can cause heart attacks and strokes, cirrhosis can be life-threatening in more severe cases and high blood pressure can lead to issues such as heart and/or kidney disease and strokes.

Where alcohol can even work to magnify existing health conditions, it can also trigger underlying ones, too. This is usually more prevalent with mental health issues, but there are even risks posed to those who are not genetically dispossessed. Events such as seizures can even manifest from alcohol abuse without any pre-existing or underlying issues.

The psychological risks

Not only can drinking cause all of the above issues and more - it can also affect addicts mentally, too. Depression, dependency and even dementia can all be caused by the overuse of alcohol.

Although some people drink to make themselves feel better when they're depressed, some also develop depression from drinking. Many users self-medicate alcohol to treat the fact that they feel down, but the cycle is often then perpetuated.

Although dementia usually comes with old age, alcohol abuse can cause it to come much faster. As we get older, our brains get smaller - and consuming alcohol can speed up this process.

How to recover from alcoholism

Although these risks are bad, there are still many other risks which can come with alcohol abuse. To get sober, one of the best options is rehabilitation. At most of these types of centers you'll be helped to recover and once the treatment program is over, you could be free from an addiction and these risks.