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Can Alcohol Abuse Cause Health Conditions

There are so many people in the world who don’t know about the issues that can come with alcohol abuse. This substance is not only addictive (it’s even more addictive than some drugs), but there are also a variety of health risks that can come with chronic and heavy abuse, too. Many people with alcoholism, in its advanced stages need to enter into recovery as the only way to move away from the destructive effects of alcohol addiction.

Drinking high amounts of alcohol, as well as drinking for a long time, can cause a range of mental and physical health conditions. This article will tell you what health conditions can be formed as a result of alcoholism.

What kinds of health conditions can be caused?

Alcohol abuse can cause a variety of health conditions, both mentally and physically. Not only that, but chronic abuse can form different issues to heavy drinking, too.

There is even a chance of a person suffering from conditions that were caused whilst they were intoxicated (more commonly known as being drunk). Car crashes and fights, as well as other accidents and events, can also cause health issues.

What can alcohol abuse do to an addict mentally?

There are a host of conditions that can affect an alcoholic mentally, and they are all very serious.

Dementia, which is the name of the process where the brain shrinks, is usually caused by old age. However, chronic drinking can also cause this condition, too. It makes people more forgetful, and it can get so bad that a person with dementia can forget about their friends and family, too.

Depression, psychosis and also severe and anxiety can also be formed by alcohol abuse.

The physical health risks that can come with alcohol abuse

There are also a few terrible physical health conditions that can also be created by alcohol, too.

Gout, cancer (in a number of places), cirrhosis, heart diseases, cardiovascular disease and cardiomyopathy are health conditions that can negatively affect a person’s life, and they can all be caused by alcoholism.

As previously mentioned, accidents and other incidents that happen whilst a person is intoxicated can also cause serious issues, too.

Can rehab make a difference in an alcoholic’s life?

Rehab centres are able to do amazing things for those who need help with their addiction. They offer expert treatment and care, along with a range of treatment programs and therapies to help their patients to overcome their dependency.

So many alcoholics around the world are helped to recover with the help of rehab, and they make a huge difference.

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