AAA98, Dresden

Albert Vucaj




Phone: yes, if you have my number.

Currently, I am a postdoc at the Department of Algebra of Charles University in Prague, working with Michael Kompatscher and funded by Primus project PRIMUS/24/SCI/008 "The subpower membership problem for algebras with cube term"

Previously, I have been a postdoctorial reseacher at the TU Wien, project POCOCOP, working with Michael Pinsker.

I obtained my PhD at the Institute of Algebra - TU Dresden under the supervision of Manuel Bodirsky.
I am mainly interested in universal algebra and the algebraic approach to CSP.

Some words you can say in order to get my attention: interpretability, Mal'cev condition, polymorphism, cyclic, (semi)lattice, height 1 identity, pp-construction, loop condition, clone, "we can use weak NUs", minor-preserving,  type 3, Taylor algebras, coffee-break.