Dear Parents,

As Alberta is gradually reopening businesses and services, let us continue to do our part in preventing the spread of the virus so we can proceed to the 2nd and 3rd stages of the relaunch plan. However, students will not be returning to in-school classes for the remainder of this academic year. AB Education is still working on a safe and feasible re-entry plan for this Fall. For more information on Alberta's relaunch strategy, please visit this page.

Our current school year will be extended to June 13 to make up for classes cancelled on March 14. Since we started online classes, I have received positive feedback from parents (and even grandparents). Thank you for your encouragement, and thank you for supporting your children's learning at home. I would also like to express my gratitude to our teachers and students for their efforts in adapting to the new "classrooms". I learned that a few students forgot to come online at their scheduled class times, perhaps because it would be hard to keep track of the days when we are staying home all the time. Parents can help by setting alarms or reminders for your children. Also, thanks to one parent's correction, using the same Gmail account can go on more than one video call on Hangouts simultaneously, but it would be best done in separate rooms to avoid interference.

During the epidemic, seniors are among the most vulnerable. Several organizations in the Chinese communities have reached out to help those in Chinatown and area. We invited students to write thank-you cards to the volunteers at some of these organizations, as well as the front-line workers at care facilities for seniors. We hope this will give children an opportunity to appreciate the contributions made by these people and learn to give back to society. I am happy to have seen pictures of beautifully made cards coming in. Once we receive pictures from all students, we will forward them to the respective organizations.

Thank you to parents who have registered for next school year. A kind reminder that early bird deadline is May 9 (tomorrow). When making payments on first day of school, please also have a signed registration form (one per family will be okay). Furthermore, I am pleased to tell you that school building will be open for longer hours. A dance program is being planned as extracurricular activity. More details to come.

Wishing all mothers a happy Mother’s Day! Stay safe and healthy.


Susan Eng


May 8, 2020



本學年將延長至6月13日,以彌補3月14日取消的課時。自網課開始以來,我得到不少家長甚至祖母的正面反饋。謝謝你們的鼓勵及支持孩子們在家中學習。 我亦感謝老師與學生們為適應新“教室”所做的努力。我聽到有個別學生忘記了在指定的時間上課,這也許是因為大家一直待在家裡,很難追踪日子。家長可幫助孩子們設置鬧鐘或其他上課的提示。另外,多謝一位家長的指正,在Hangouts上可用同一個Gmail帳號同時與多人視頻,不過最好不要在同一個空間進行,以免互相影響。




校長 吳雪瑩 謹啟


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