Dear Parents and Students:

We hope you all had a great summer! Our 2018-19 school year will start on September 8. Here is some helpful information to get ready for the year.

First day of school

  • School hours are 9:15 am – 12:15 pm (pre-school class 9:30-12:00). All teachers, students and parents will meet in the school gymnasium (2nd floor) upon arrival.
  • * After a brief assembly, parents are invited to their children’s classrooms to meet and greet with the teachers. Parents who have more than one child may want to start with class of the youngest child.

What to bring to school

  • Learning materials: Students should always come to school with all books, pencils, erasers and crayons (if needed). A set of textbook and exercise books will be provided to students. Please remind your child to take good care of their learning materials. A fee will be charged for the replacement of any of the school’s supplies.
  • Student Handbook (Agenda): Regular communications between parents and teachers are essential to a child’s learning. Teachers may let parents know of student’s learning via the Agenda or email. Please check and initial your child’s agenda every week or reply to the email to acknowledge that you have read the message.
  • Snacks: Students have a 15 minute break each day. Please pack water bottle and a nutritious, nut-free snack for your child.

Reporting absence

If your child has to miss school, please inform the teacher or the school by email, or by calling the school at 403-271-8033. For your convenience, the school’s number is forwarded to a cell phone on school days so you can reach us more efficiently.

Leaving the school premises

Students should be picked up by parents at the end of school day. If you give your child permissions to leave the school premises on his/her own, please indicate that by signing the first page in the Student Handbook or sending an email to us in the first week of school. Furthermore, if your child must leave school early for any reason, please obtain an Early Departure Note from the teacher.

School Calendar

School calendar is available on our website: and can be downloaded to your smart phone for your convenience. Hard copies are available at school as well. Please make note of the Remembrance Day weekend (November 10th), it will a school day rather than a day off.

Thank you for choosing Alberta Chung Wah School for your child’s Chinese learning. If you know of any one who would be interested in learning Chinese, it’s still not too late to register. New students can try out our classes for two weeks before deciding. I look forward to seeing you all on September 8th.


Susan Eng




希望大家都過了一個愉快的暑假! 新學年將於九月八日開學,請仔細閱讀以下事項。


  • 學校上課時間為上午9:15-12:15(學前班9:30-12:00)。到校後,所有老師、學生及家長先在學校二樓的體育室集合。
  • 在簡短的開學儀式後,我們邀請家長跟隨孩子到課室與老師進行短暫會面。多於一個孩子的家長可選擇先到最低年級的一班。


  • 學習用品:學校將會發給學生課本、作業簿及練習簿。請為孩子們帶備鉛筆、擦膠及顏色筆等文具。請提醒孩子小心保管教學用品,如因遺失或損壞而需補領課本,須另外付費。
  • 學生手冊:家長與老師的定期溝通對學生的學習尤為重要。老師會通過 手冊或電郵告知家長每週所學及作業。請家長每週檢查手冊并簽名,如有問題亦請用手冊與教師聯絡。若老師以電郵取代手冊,請回覆電郵以示獲釋信息。
  • 小食品:每天上課將有15分鐘小息時間,請家長為孩子預備少量健康食品(不含花生產品)、水果和飲料等食物。






校曆已放在學校網站 並可添加到智能手機方便瀏覽。您亦可在學校拿取複印本。請特別留意,今年國殤日週末(十一月十號)是上課日,不放假。


校長 吳雪瑩 謹啟


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