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How To Find a Professional Landcaper

The question of how to find a good professional landscaper is often asked by homeowners. But, there are so many contractors and landscapers out there that how do you go about it?

Most people are short on time so they don't necessary want to spend a lot of time looking for a landscaper if it's for smaller jobs such as lawn care or tree services.

Here are some points to look out for before hiring a professional landscaper:

1. First off, get references! Ask your friends, family or neighbours who they use and make a list of at least three to five landscapers. Then, check out each one online or call them up and ask questions about their previous work.

2. Next, do they have insurance? Most companies should be insured for both workplace accidents (for those times when people are on the property) and liability (in case a customer is injured on their property).

3. Check out their previous work! This may be the most important point to consider when looking for a good professional landscaper. Look at their portfolio, ask for references and talk to past customers about their experience with the company.

4. Does it seem like they offer value? If you're paying someone to work on your property it is easy to expect them to do the bare minimum, but at the same time you want a good quality job. An experienced landscaper should be able to give you an estimate of what they will need to charge based on your specific needs. If their quote seems too low, ask why and if it doesn't seem right find someone else.

5. Can you communicate with them? You want a professional who will listen to your needs and give you options, then keep you updated on the progress of the work being done. If they don't seem interested in what you have to say or answer all your questions it might be time to look elsewhere.

6. Is their work ethic good? If they're hard workers and take pride in their work you can expect a high quality job. But if they seem lazy or not too concerned about the work then that might be a sign of things to come in the future.

7. Are they on time and respectful of your property? Good contractors should always be on time for meetings or phone calls and be respectful of your home.

8. Will they stick to the quote? Once you agree on a price, don't expect it to change. Paying more than the original estimate might not always be avoidable but if you're paying less then there's something wrong with either the workmanship or the company.

9. Can you trust them? You should always be able to trust your contractor, whether it's that they will do the work on time and for what you agreed upon or that all of their business is above board with taxes and permits. If something doesn't seem right then it probably isn't.

10. What are your overall impressions? Landscapers come in all shapes and sizes, so if the one you choose doesn't match your style then don't hire them just because they have experience or a good reputation. Sometimes its better to go with someone whose work you like rather than who is more established. It should be a match of personality and style.

11. Prepare for the future. Once you've found a good landscaper then keep them around! Schedule all your desired projects in advance and give yourself some time to plan out what you want done, ask questions and discuss prices with the contractor before starting work on anything. This will save time later as well since there won't be any problems with work that's not up to par and you'll know your budget before the work begins.

A good professional landscaper is worth the money and hard work. Take your time to find someone you trust, who will take their time, listen to your needs and take pride in their work. But most importantly have fun with it!

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Landscaping Albany Oregon

The best way to increase curb appeal is to select a few good landscaping projects that complement your home's exterior. Here are some tips that you can apply when designing your outdoor landscaping in Albany, Oregon:

If you are expanding outdoor living space on one side of your home, consider complementing that area with additional landscaping. A simple deck or patio can be an attractive feature if it's well-designed and fits within your budget.

Make it look natural

To make your landscaping attractive, you need to make it look natural together with other things. This is possible by adding only a few elements that can stand alone, instead of many items in order to create an overbearing design. You don't want to have everything crowded as most people like nature to be spacious and away from crowded areas.

Match the color of your house

When buying a new home, one of the first things you have to do is make it look good. Whether you paint or put down grass, you should decide what color you want and find out what matches it best. You can use an existing tree for shade during summer but also as a color tool. For example, if you want blue grass but your house has red brick, you can have blue-leaved trees instead. This will help match the colors of your house and other outdoor parts.

Make use of the earth's features

When designing your yard, try to find ways that you can make it look natural without affecting the look of your house. This is where landscaping with natural stone comes in to play. You can use rocks and stones that you find on the ground as decorations between plants and flowers for example.

Curb appeal

The first thing that people see when they drive by your house and look to the side is your lawn. This makes it a good place for you to make a statement, or show off how you value your home. You can do this through different ways including putting down green turf, planting colorful flowers or placing items outside the entrance.

As one of the best landscaping companies in Albany, Oregon, we can help you create a beautiful outdoor living space that will increase curb appeal and bring your family even closer together!


Lawn Care

Are you looking for professional lawn care services?

Albany Landscaping Pros is a full service lawn care company that offers the best in professional lawn care services. We offer everything from fertilization, weed control, and pest control to tree trimming and more. Our team of professionals will make your yard look amazing!

We are committed to providing high-quality work at an affordable price. You can count on us for all your needs when it comes to maintaining your property’s appearance.

​Call today for more information about our services or click here to schedule a free consultation with us!

Lawn Installation

When you need to have your lawn installed, it can be difficult to know who will provide the best service for you. That is why at Albany Landscaping Pros we are committed to providing excellent customer service and quality installation services. We've been installing lawns in Albany and the surrounding areas since 2009 and our team of professionals has over 20 years of experience in landscaping design and installation!

We provide free onsite consultations, and we believe that you should be happy with your lawn installation project before it gets started. We offer a satisfaction guarantee so if the customer is not 100% satisfied we work hard to get the job right until they are.

Landscape Design and Installation

Landscape design and installation can be a valuable service to help any residential or commercial property throughout the process of placing in new landscaping. Design landscaping can come in a variety of styles and decorative elements to upgrade your exterior. This can consist of adding in shrubbery, trees, flowers, and even hardscape elements such as patios, fencing, water features, and walkways. All design options can be accomplished when hiring professional expert landscaping pros who can help guide you throughout the process of design options and installation. Ensure your landscaping appearance looks pristine when enjoying and relaxing some outdoor time for any commercial or residential exterior.

Tree Services

Tree care can include many services such as tree installation, maintenance and even removal of any unwanted or damaged tree. Keeping your trees maintained by pruning and trimming is essential to prevent any damages or harm from occurring to your property. Having unmanaged trees can harm your home, landscaping, and even power lines when not properly managing them. Tree services can also help install an array of trees which can upgrade the appearance of your yard. When needing to remove trees from any commercial or residential home, your local landscaping experts can accomplish any removal desired.

Landscaping and lawn care service available from: 8am–5pm, Monday through Friday and 8am-3pm on Saturdays.

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