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In the past year like many friends and folk in the community, there has been a great many changes in my life. Last year I suffered heart failure and knew I had been very ill for a considerable length of time as a result of excessive work.

To help ease my work load, and to allow me to focus on writing more books and music. I have been busy re-structuring operations with the help of Pineapple Blue Media that I first founded back in 1995, as one of the world's first digital electronic media design houses.

As a result of this re-structure, my books and music will be available through many more great Retailers in the High Street and with more Online Stores. Affording me the time to write and produce more printed books, digital eBooks, music albums, music singles and mobile ringtones. All available through Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Ratuken Kobo, Google Play, Playster, Smashwords, Scribd and Others, for all my fabulous customers. More news >

Latest 'New' Book Release News

At the beginning of this year in 2018 my plans and schedule changed after losing a very close and dear life long friend and former school class mate Michael White, a former member of the Thompson Twins.

Shortly before his tragic death, we were talking about doing something together as a collaborative project, whether in books or music I cannot honestly say!

I started to band some ideas around, but very sadly we never got the opportunity to do something together again. Shortly after his death, I remembered back to our early days in the 1970's, when we were both in groups, but still found the time to have a session or two together. On reflection after his tragic passing, I was thinking how things had changed over the years in music, and this gave me the idea to write this book "Cover to Cover" The History of Popular Music as a humble tribute, as I dedicate the book to Mike. The book is available in print and on digital >

The Shop Around the Corner

In the past few years, I have been mulling over in my head the idea of a new store online for greater accessibility and choice to my traditional printed books and products for my readers and customers. The opportunity arose a short while back with the help of friends to open and launch 'Pineapple Blue Media Retail' in association with Shopify, a well known trusted industry brand. This provided a venue to offer signed editions of my printed books to readers and customers, who are seeking tangible items to keep personally, or for the purpose of a gift, for a friend, family member, or loved one!

Pineapple Blue Media Retail Store

The 'new' store has been created and established to serve the interests of my Readers and Customers in the community.

The store's purpose is to ensure greater accessibility to our exclusive and unique products, these being; printed signed books, digital eBooks, record singles, music albums, mobile ringtones, printed illustration postcard collections, and lastly, our iconic brand merchandise.

For our readers and customers peace of mind, 'The Shop Around the Corner' is hosted on our trusted friends and partners platform at Shopify.

Our Shop is using the power of technology for folk like myself who enjoy living in the slow lane, yet appreciate wisely seeking out something special and unique in the way of gifts.

Customers have a choice of payment methods when obtaining gifts through the store. Methods such as PayPal, VISA Credit and Debit Cards, American Express, Master Card and others. Thank You. Visit Our Store >

Tropical Fish Keeping Journals News

The Tropical Fish Keeping Journal Book Editions have become very steady selling popular publications with many Aquarists on both sides of the pond. So far to date we have issues 1 to 4 available in full colour traditional print, or on digital for Tropical Fish Hobbyists.

In Tropical Fish Keeping Journal Book Edition One we cover the history of tropical fish keeping, and the unmistakable contribution made by our Victorian Ancestors. Helping new aquarists get started. Choosing the correct themes and styles for the Aquarists planned aquarium(s). Choosing the right sized fish tank, including the supporting stands required for the job and the importance of positioning the aquarium in the right place. Plus valuable reference tables for aquarists. Available in Traditional Print and on Digital eBook >

In Tropical Fish Keeping Journal Book Edition Two we cover; the choice of aquarium substrates and their advantages. Successfully growing and keeping aquatic plants for the naturally planted aquarium. Different filtration methods and systems for the aquarium, to achieve the very best results for safe crystal clear water, including biological filtration, canister filters, poly atomic-ion diagrams and also a series of reference tables for the tropical fish hobbyist. Plus a special feature on breeding live bearer Platies for the novice and experienced aquarist seeking other ideas and methods. Available in Traditional Print and on Digital eBook >

In Tropical Fish Keeping Journal Book Edition Three we cover; water quality and conditions, to the techniques, products and methods to heating the tropical fish aquarium, to lighting systems and the choices available for the aquarist and a little history, to finally fish behaviour and physiology. Plus valuable reference tables for aquarists. Available in Traditional Print and on Digital eBook >

In Tropical Fish Keeping Journal Book Edition Four we cover; insight to fish species and their compatibility with others, to feeding tropical fish including recipes to make your own tropical fish food, early days fish care and the 28 day cycle to establishing safe aquarium water conditions and lastly maintenance of aquariums for ensuring healthy thriving tropical fish. Plus valuable reference tables for aquarists. Available in Traditional Print and on Digital eBook >

Healthy Living Take Up Gardening its Easy

The Sun is out, birds are singing, and all of a sudden you get a waft of freshly cut grass. Yes Folks its that time of year again when Gardeners come out of hibernation and the local Garden Centre comes back to life. A slice of Home-made Bakewell Tart and a Pot of Tea suddenly takes all your cares away, and the memory of another dark, wet and miserable winter just past. Such a merry crowd found in these establishments stir the interests of the curious from all walks of life and ages. And surprisingly enough in this day and age, they are not an endangered species.

A Blaze of Colour - Blooming Marvellous!

More folk today of all ages are taking up Gardening, its easy for a far more healthier lifestyle with free exercise, that's got rid of the Gym bill and membership. The opportunity to actually know what you are eating, by growing your very own organic vegetables even in pots and tubs.

To the "Piste de Resistance," the easy growing of a fantastic array of plants in the garden, pots, and tubs, to create a magnificent blaze of colour around your home.

Every year I feature my book "Gardening For Beginners" as it will become a life long companion and friend. Setting you on the road to gardening success with easy to follow instructions and advice. All at a fantastic and affordable price to meet all pockets and budgets, even providing great ideas to get you thinking about what you can recycle around your home, making the item(s) into garden features. Gardening for Beginners Book is available in Traditional Print and on Digital eBook >

The Discus Book Best Seller 28 Years Later

When it comes to tropical fish keeping today we can visit an Aquarist Shop and see proudly displayed tank bred Discus "The King of the Aquarium" and if the retailer knows what they are doing, it can be a magnificent sight to behold. But the journey to reach this point, as modern day tropical fish hobbyists, to admire such scenes, has been a very long one.

Some folk in life, take the outlook to never look back on history. But by studying the roots, and journey of a subject, this can help us understand more surrounding any topic today that we choose to learn.

In the 1970's and 1980's, there was literally only a handful of us that managed to finally breed these Wild majestic species in captivity. Even today, with tank bred aquarium Discus it can be a challenge to successfully keep and breed them, and so the right advice is critical for both success and animal welfare.

When I finally managed to breed Wild Discus in captivity along with a small number of other friends from around the world. We had broken a taboo and journey that began when our hobby was first founded proper back in 1851, at the Great Exhibition in London, marking the new pastime of tropical fish keeping, when the first aquariums, and terrariums were displayed with exotic tropical fish and plant species. A journey to breed these species that had lasted for over 130 years.

This book records my findings and work back then in the 1980's,

I wanted to share my findings with other fellow aquarists to ensure the survival of the species. For I warned then in the first book I had published in 1989, in the books introduction the threat of deforestation, pollution, and species extinction, today we term as climate change.

I am not old school, new school, or ex school, when it comes to my books on this species and others, as a Marine Biologist and Ichthyologist, now for over 50 years since 1967, when I took up our traditional time honoured and noble pastimes. My focus has always been to provide the best and most accurate advice of the day, in the interests of animal welfare, and success for the hobbyist.

Today, in the age of technology, when it comes to all interests in our lives, we can very often get carried away. But if like I, you manage to find the time to study Natural Law, you will soon discover Mother Nature has a time line all of her own, and the two protagonists she works with, that we know as Natural Branching, and Quantum Mechanics, has only one remit and instruction, and that is to "Evolve and Refine," to seek simplistic perfection!

So not all new ideas, or gadgets and gizmo's available are necessarily serving the interests of you as the Aquarist and Hobbyist, or the species inhabitants you are charged to care for as a Primate Species Custodian.

The very best advice I can give, other than suggesting you acquire my books, is to think "risk aversion" and "keeping it simple" for Natural Law throughout the Cosmos functions by these methods of simplistic perfection. It is only us humans that appear to want to defy Mother Nature and Natural Law, by over complicating things.

The Discus Book First Edition is still available today printed and re-published in it's original form for historic prosperity. In traditional print, and now also on different digital eBook formats, and where the original 35mm images have been remastered to digital. More details and choice of stores here >

Thank you for passing by and taking an interest in my books and publications. I hope you become a frequent visitor and cyber space explorer. I leave you with these few words:-

Quotation: "The Arts, Hobbies, Interests and Pastimes, have served as a measurement of a civilized society over the ages, and a mark of humanity by those who pursue them." ~ Alastair R Agutter

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