Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate Do

Alaska Jundokan

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Alaska Jundokan Karate is a non-profit, volunteer martial arts school. We practice traditional Okinawan karate. Our style is GoJu-Ryu karate as taught by the founder, Sensei Miyagi. Our school is a branch of the worldwide organization, Jundokan, whose headquarters is in Okinawa, Japan. Our school was founded by Sensei Nakada in 1969. Mr. Nakada was born in Okinawa and trained at the main dojo until he moved to Anchorage. He is the head instructor and a 9th degree black belt. The other instructors all have at least 30 years of martial arts training. Five of the instructors started training with Sensei Nakada in the 1980s and are still training with him. The instructors travel to Okinawa and train at the headquarters each year.

Our school is dedicated to the principles of traditional karate. The instructors are not paid and we are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. We do not offer contracts nor do we run our organization as a money making business. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of instruction. We do not charge for belt testing and our students must earn their ranks through dedicated training. These were the principles taught by Sensei Miyagi and we try to follow them.

Our school does have a sports karate program. We train students for competition in non-contact tournaments. We compete in tournaments locally and travel to other states to compete in national and international competitions. We regularly attend the Ozawa Cup in Las Vegas, The West Coast Championship in Camarillo, Ca, the Arizona State Regional Championship in Phoenix, Az and the US Open Tournament in Las Vegas.

We offer specific self-defense classes for groups, but our regular classes are a good self-defense and anti-bullying program for everyone. We enjoy training and teaching karate to students of all ages. We also offer a class for people with special needs. Our school has been open since 1969 and we are celebrating our 50th year.