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Perception is the basis of our experience, and our experience in turns shapes our perception. We ask questions like: What are the specific and general characteristics of expert object recognition across different domains? What does perceptual experience reveal about the organization of the visual object recognition system? How does perceptual experience affect our performance in real-life settings? The study of experience and expertise pushes our understanding of human perception, cognition, and other mental processes, and have great implications on education and therapy.


3 defenses in 2 weeks

[31 Aug 2018] Christine and Terri passed their MPhil defenses with great preparation and composure. Kai also passed his MPhil thesis proposal defense and responded so well during the Q&A. Well deserved.

3-minute Thesis Competition

[24 May 2018] Pu won the 2nd prize and the audience award in CUHK's annual 3-minute Thesis Competition! She gave a precise, concise, accessible, and interesting presentation. Proud of her!

Kai spaced out... and we're proud

[31 Mar 2018] Kai won the 6th International Space-Out Competition held in HK, defeating 80 finalists.

Faces of the Wong couple appear together in paper

[8 Jan 2018] Our first paper on couple resemblance is out.

Wong, Y.K., Wong, W.W., Lui, K.F.H., & Wong, A.C.-N. (in press). Revisiting facial resemblance in couples. PLoS ONE,13(1): e0191456.[Paper website]

An adventurous year

[1 Jan 2018] The past year witnessed the beginning of a few new research projects and finally we are seeing the papers out or submitted!

Journal of Expertise has been launched!

[1 July 2017] Alan is happy to be an associate editor for this journal.

Runner-up prize for the PsyConnection Award Competition

[16 May 2017] Vince and Kelvin got the runner-up prize for the PsyConnection Award Competition held by CUHK's psychology department for their proposal of a mobile application for multitasking training. Congrats!

First music reading training paper out!

[29 June 2016] We have designed the first ever computerized training of musical notation perception that successfully resulted in reduced crowding. The paper is out this month and a smartphone app is being developed by a private company!

Wong, Y.K., & Wong, A.C.-N. (2016). Music-reading training alleviates crowding with musical notation. Journal of Vision, 16(8): 15.[Paper website]

Kelvin as our first postdoc

[10 June 2016] Congratulations to Kelvin Lui, who successfully defended his PhD thesis on the topic of multitasking. He will also become our lab's first postdoctoral fellow and continue this amazing research journey with us.

New graduate students

[1 May 2016] Vince Ngan (our MPhil student) will start his PhD study and continue his research in our lab in Aug 2016. Pu Fan (our undergraduate thesis student) will also start as an MPhil student in our lab in Aug 2016. Welcome to both!

The first lab darts competition

[1 Apr 2016] Results of the first lab darts competition: 1. Alan; 2. Kelvin; 3. Vince; 4. Terri; 5. Kai.

Congratulations Dr. Siu!

[28 Aug 2015] Yat Fan has passed his doctoral dissertation defense, and will start his position as a lecturer at Hong Kong Shue Yan University in Sept. Well deserved Dr. Siu!

Kai as our new full-time RA starting in Aug 2015

[8 July 2015] Kai Yip will join our lab as a full-time RA this August. Welcome Kai!

Full-time RA position available starting in Aug 2015

[16 Mar 2015] We will have a full-time RA position open in our lab. Recommendations and enquiry are welcome!

Our RA will be our MPhil student soon!

[16 Mar 2015] Terri Ng, our full-time research assistant, has been accepted by our department's MPhil programme. Congratulations Terri!

Presentation at VSS meeting this summer

[Feb 2015] Vince Ngan, our MPhil student, and Terri Ng, our research assistant, will both have their first poster presentation at Vision Sciences Society's annual meeting this summer in Florida.

Almost 4000 copies of our book sold!

[Feb 2015] Our book about psychological studies in child education (collaborative work by researchers at CUHK and CityU) has so far almost 4000 copies sold!

New paper highlighted on issue 17 of APA PeePs

[13 Mar 2014] Our recent paper has been highlighted in PeePs, a free summary of ongoing research trends common to six APA journals that focus on experimental psychology.

Davitt, L.I., Cristino, F., Wong, A.C.-N., & Leek, E.C. (2013, December 23). Shape information mediating basic- and subordinate-level object recognition revealed by analyses of eye movements. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1037/a0034983

Alan's got tenure

[15 Aug 2013] Alan got substantiated and promoted to the associate professor position at the psychology department of CUHK.

First musical expertise paper out!

[14 Aug 2013] Our lab's first paper on absolute pitch (in collaboration with Yetta Wong) has been published online.

Wong, Y.K., & Wong, A.C.-N. (2013, August 14). Absolute pitch memory: Its prevalence among musicians and dependence on the testing context. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review. Advance online publication. doi: 10.3758/s13423-013-0487-z

Congratuations to Kelvin!

[Jul 2013] Kelvin Lui passed his M.Phil. dissertation defense. He will continue his PhD study in our lab.

Congratuations Dr. Yang!

[Jul 2012] Lizhuang Yang passed his PhD dissertation defense.

Child education book on sale in the bookstore

[15 Jul 2012] A book about psychological studies in child education (collaborative work by researchers at CUHK and CityU) is being promoted in the HK Book Fair.

First multitasking paper out!

[12 Apr 2012] A study from Kelvin Lui's undergraduate thesis has just been published. It is also our lab's first paper on the effect of multitasking experience. The work has also been covered in BBC News.

Lui, F.H., Wong, A.C.-N. (2012). Does media multitasking always hurt? A positive correlation between multitasking and multisensory integration ability. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 19(4), 647-653.

John published his undergraduate thesis study

[Sep 2011] John Chan's experiment on the association of fencing expertise and action inhibition has just been published.

Chan, J.S.Y., Wong, A.C.-N., Liu, Y., Yu, J., & Yan, J.H. (2011). Fencing Expertise and Physical Fitness Enhance Action Inhibition. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 12(5), 509-514.

Congratuations Dr. Qu!

[Jul 2011] Zhiyi Qu passed her PhD dissertation defense.

Alan as a consulting editor

[Jan 2011] Alan is now a consulting editor of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance.

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