The Generative Age podcast, powered by NYSCATE, explores the rapidly evolving world of generative artificial intelligence and its impact on education. Host Alana Winnick is joined by practitioners and thought leaders shaping the discourse around integrating generative AI into the classroom. Whether you are an educator, administrator, technologist, or simply interested in the future of education, join us on this journey through… the Generative Age.

Featured Guests

Holly Clark

Ken Shelton

Matt Miller


Michael Jabbour

Vicki Davis

John Spencer

Carl Hooker

Donnie Pircery

Mary Howard

AJ Juliani

Tim Needles


The Generative Age serves as a compass for educators and leaders seeking to unlock the transformative power of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in teaching and learning. This book explores both the opportunities and implications of AI in education as well as the ethical considerations for its effective integration. In this timely book, Winnick seeks to reboot education, preparing leaders and educators to empower students to thrive in the AI-driven world of tomorrow. Enriched with thought-provoking interactives, inspiring case studies, practical strategies, insights, and best practices, readers will finish the book feeling inspired, knowledgeable, and prepared to initiate change within their education systems.