Al Rasoul Islamic Society

Special Instructions for Covid19

  1. The gatherings at Al-Rasoul follow provincial rules for the places of worship, please check the details at the following link (

  2. Al-Rasoul is open for in-person attendance with limited capacity under provincial COVID-19 rules both for women and men.

  3. The minimum age of a participant in programs at the center is now +4 years old.

  4. Serving of community meals is suspended due to COVID-19. Home made food distribution is also prohibited. However, store bought and prepackaged food can be distributed at the entrance of the building.

  5. All are required to fill up Al-Rasoul Islamic Society (Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/Covid-19) ( One pf the parents should fill up this form each minor.

Upcoming Events and Important Dates

بسـم الله الرحمـن الرحيــــم

Eid Announcement: The Eid announcement will be made through an email and social media upon the advice of Sheikh Yahya. The announcement will be according to NASIMCO. Believers can also directly access NASMICO through the Internet.

Zakat-ul-Fitr: Sheikh Yahya has advised a baseline figure of $10, but as per the standard of the diet of your family, you may pay more than this amount. The payment is advised to be made before Salat-ul-Eid. You can pay via email transfer to this email address: No password needed for this auto deposit enabled email.

Program on Eid Day: No in-person congregational Eid prayer or gathering. Please take care of your Eid prayer on an individual basis at your homes. Here is a link about the procedure of the Salat-ul-Eid:

However, to feel a sense of community on the day of Eid, there shall be a special online (via Zoom) Program.

The Eid Day Program Schedule:

Time: 11:00 am on Eid day

Recitation of the Holy Quran

Recognition of the Youth Speakers in the Month of Ramadan

Selected Eid Greeting Messages from the Interfaith Community

An Address by Sheikh Yahya

Open Forum to the Community to Express Eid Greetings or Comments on Programs in the Month of Ramadan, etc.

Daily Month of Ramadan Program: through (ONLY) Zoom (no in-person):

Date/Time: Daily at 7:00 PM

Program Segments:

    • Recitation of Holy Quran

    • Dua Iftitah

    • Youth/Community peech

    • A lecture by Sheikh Yahya followed by a Q&A related to the lecture

Salat timings for today

Note: These timings are a general guideline, please use precaution and check your local timings.