Why I’m on Patreon?

I always had a passion for erotic gay illustrations. This was my sexy hobby. Patreon can be a way to dreams come true. To thank you, in addition to all my gratitude, I will realize as rewards, special extra erotic pages of my gay fantasy comics and really hot illustrations every month.

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From 5 dollars per month, you can view my NSFW images in the activity feed and receive rewards every month. Please see the list of Patron Rewards to see just what your support will grant you in return.



I was born in a small town in central Italy, among woods and small medieval villages. It has always fascinated me to observe nature, and be immersed in history. I think it's for these reasons that my style is full of details and often from fantasy settings. After a naturalistic university education, I decided to follow my passion for homoerotic design. Now I'm busy launching my patreon to share erotic illustrations and my comic Shards of me, a fantasy full of characters that I've always wanted to see in sexy and erotic gay situations.

Alessio Ciani (1981) AKE

He started his drawing career when he was very young. Since then, he is a big fan of comics, reading any kind of manga, Franco-Belgian, Italian or manwha comic books. In 2008 he created his own website, publishing his first GLBT illustrations, like some novel's cover for homoerotic novels for the Italian-English website In 2010, Omphalos of Perugia commissioned him the images for The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO). Again in 2010, some team members of the German Publishing House Gmunder noted his work and called him: Alessio submitted three illustrations and all of them were published on the Art Book "Big Love". In 2011, some of his artwork has been exhibited in the Pier OpenSpace temporary gallery in Milan. The theme was the Sacred Icon of St. Sebastian, identified as the Saint protector of the GLBT community. For the Rome Euro Pride in June 2011, Arcigay of Perugia uses some of his illustrations for decorating their parade truck. On September 2012, a personal show was exhibited in Perugia to celebrate the Omphalos Association 20th anniversary. In 2014 the University of Perugia published a paleontology research illustrated with his artwork, one of which is exposed to the paleontological museso of the municipality of Allerona. In 2015 He illustrated St. Sergius and Bacchus’s canvas for the American Catholic gay community. In Dicember 2016 he participated in the exhibition “Personal Relations”, a temporary itinerant gallery in London, 25th February-29th March 2017 the Hague (the Nederlands), 29th April 4th June 2017 Vicenza (Italy). In 2017 he illustrates the myth of Zeus and Ganymede in the “Eros in mythos” artbook, a collaboration with “The Uniporn” collective, about the myths and legends of Europe. In 2018 he created his patreon page, where he published web comics and his erotic illustrations without censorship. In 2019 he collaborated on “Bound”. An artbook of “The Uniporn” collective, about original erotic illustrations around to ropes, tentacles, and any form of restrain. In May 2019 he participated in the “Rêveries d’un Faune”, a homoerotic exhibition in Nancy (FR).


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